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  1. When you open up ad-aware and you see the settings button in one of the tabs it gives you to choose one of them has the " disable Antivirus " option. Thank You Computer Wizard
  2. yup true but i mean the Tech should've checked first on the site for the changes before coming to that conclusion
  3. Ningji do you have a scan log from the previous scan performed? @silvia49 what does he mean by " not cover virus protection" ?
  4. Post a hijack-this log into the Hijack-this forum ( if not done so ) with a description of your problem and a Expert or a Volunteer security adviser will help you from there onwards. Thank You Computer Wizard
  5. this error your experiencing happens when you shut down and the Application is still in progress ( running ) which is this case it will always be running due too it's purpose, but when you hit shut down the program is unresponsive too the message sent to the process to end therefore the process hangs causing this issue your experiencing. Have you tried to do a complete uninstall and a fresh install? that might remedy this issue for you. Thank You Computer Wizard
  6. how many applications do you have showing in the system tray? having large mounts of start up items ( commonly software required to show an icon in the Sys tray ) can cause that error msg too show up when shutting down your system. -Secondly when was the last time you Defraged your system? Thank You Computer Wizard
  7. [quote name='Phil - Tijeras' post='121410' date='Jul 21 2010, 04:01 PM']Regarding Win2000 unsupported by Microsoft: Microsoft continues to issue security updates for Win 2000. I keep up to date on them.[/quote] I'm glad it's still supported at least its not likely to be malware related. Your RAM is less than the minimum requirement as the RAM required is 200mb yours is 192mb, so that could be the issue. try running a full scan or smart scan in safe mode. this will eliminate some processes running the essentials for the PC to operate.
  8. Phil - Tijeras i turned on my laptop just before too try and come up with a solution too your issue, a smart scan by default as shown in the config doesn't scan archives, so since you had already performed a smart scan we can safely rule that out. there are a few things that i would like to try and rule out before i make my final diagnosis. couple of things came to mind that could be causing this. 1. System requirements 2. Malware related - Due too windows 2000 unsupported by Microsoft there might be some unsolved vulnerabilities in the system that may have been exploited and used to infect your system (i surely hope this isn't the case :S ) 3. uncleaned junk files Lets try and eliminate System requirements so click start>run and dxdiag ( hope that works in win2000 im not sure ) and copy in your next reply the Processor and RAM memory ( not quite sure why its shown as RAM memory considering RAM stands for random access memory anyway lol ) Thank You Computer Wizard
  9. i will turn on my laptop this evening and try and see what i can come up with for you and see if i can turn archive scanning off. Thank You Computer Wizard
  10. Duckie


    you need to open up the scan statistics menu via the main menu in Ad-aware and find the file being deleted select it and you get five options and one of them is " add to ignore list " hit that and see how that goes for you. Thank you Computer Wizard
  11. When you try to undergo the uninstall do you get the option to do a Repair install? or is it just the standard remove or install? Thank You Computer Wizard
  12. Oh alright, i miss interpreted your post i apologize, thanks for pointing out the functionality problem Thank You Computer Wizard
  13. i don't know much about the download guard for IE, i used it once when it first came out and i uninstalled it. it might be better off to uninstall the Plug-in as I'm sure if its still implemented like in previous versions its a separate installer and doesn't install on default so removing it wont having any effects to running ad-aware after uninstall. Visitor or someone else might have a better idea on a fix or solution. Sorry i couldn't offer any better help to the solution i do apologize Thank You Computer Wizard
  14. it could be a system requirements issue but possibly there is a way too set the scan controls to skip scanning the archives maybe under the profile scan? , slow PC aside archives are the common course to slow scan speeds.
  15. woah! I'm sorta surprised in one way that you got infected, you have like a army on your PC with all those programs, but on the other hand your typical signature based security solution isn't quite powerful enough for this day n age of malware as there are far too many malware for AV vendors too keep up with, that's why sandboxing and having some sort of HIP's ( host intrusion protection ) software is needed. Goodluck Computer Wizard
  16. [quote name='!Winjy' post='121288' date='Jul 18 2010, 03:16 PM']Hello out there. I'm still unsolved. Tried every fix sent to my by Lavasoft and found here. Nothing works. Ad Aware looks like it is installing and updating okay but then as soon as it tries to start up I get the 'failed to connect to service' error and then when I check the program and service lists, Ad Aware is no where to be found. i know I'm sounding repetative, but I really son't know what to try next. Can [b]anyone[/b][i][/i] help???[/quote] I'n this image you got there, there is a service called " Lavasoft client security service " select it and hit the restart service option, allow it too do it's thing, disable teatimer from spybot temporarily and try too install and update again.
  17. You should wait until a person from lavasoft reads this, they will no doubt ask for the file too be looked at and if they feel its a false positive they will apply the fix in the next definition update. don't submit the file until requested too. Thank You Computer Wizard
  18. It's hard to tell if the file is genuine from the file name you've displayed, my best advice is continue the malware removal from Atribune or if you have stopped i would highly recommended continuing cause the symptoms you've said are classic virus side effects. Here is the [url=""]Hi-JackThis - Thread Link[/url] to undergo the removal procedure if need too start again. I would also suggest to keep an eye on this topic of yours as it would be good idea to submit the file to see if its a False positive but don't do so unless instructed too by someone from Lavasoft. Thank You Computer Wizard
  19. W32.Sality.ek alone is nasty as it's a patching virus which prevents all executables from launching even freshly download things become patched, then there is the root kits, as i know how to remove and fix this problem as my Qualification is removing pesky malware, I'm not able too provide any help due the rules on the forum so i do apologies, the only thing i can do is point you too this thread [url=""]Hijack-this thread[/url] and explain your problem and let the experts there assist you, I'm sure they can help you remedy this for your father, i hope your issue is fixed soon. Thank You Computer Wizard
  20. [quote name='WDF1' post='121245' date='Jul 17 2010, 03:02 PM']Afterthought: For completeness, I should have mentioned that, during A-A installation, I UNchecked the box to restart my computer in order to activate Ad-Watch Live, so as to avoid interaction problems with McAfee's similar function.[/quote] Did Ad-watch activate on the next system start-up? did you also try to temporarily disable mcafee? as both security suites have a real time protection mcafee would have recognized the behavior and making the assumption it was a rogue attack so turning off mcafee and turning it back on after ad-aware had completed it final steps would have worked ( in theory lol ). keep in mind if you have mcafee ad-watch really doesn't need to be active but its good to know its all in working order. It's good to know you got it sorted though well done Cheers Computer Wizard
  21. Hmmm maybe Symantec needs to be approached but from reading your post Seemon i don't see any mention of you having Ad-aware installed ( I'm not saying you don't, I'm just going from what i read ), i'll do some searching for a solution for you.
  22. Hey there Vinograd, as you have the comodo firewall installed does the firewall include the defence+ HIPS product with it?
  23. Ok, perform a track sweep using Ad-aware and follow that by a disk cleanup, then try and perform a smart scan, post back how that goes. -Thank You
  24. Hey there Adawareuser2! I'm sorry that you are experiencing this issue, to get the matter resolved in a timely fashion please post this in [url=""]False Positive - Ad-aware[/url] and a person from Lavasoft will help you from there on, be prepared to upload the file to them for looking at but don't do it unless instructed too first and if they see its a false positive they will apply the fix in there next definition update Thank You Computer Wizard