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  1. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='128603' date='Aug 1 2011, 10:54 AM']Is the program behaving better after uninstallation and installation again?[/quote] There is nothing wrong with this behavior; it is only a consequence of the modules restarting after an update. It always announces this after an update has downloaded and needs to be installed. It has been doing this for several months, that I can recollect. No interaction by the user is necessary, unless you just want to turn the anti-virus off in AdWatch; it has a habit of restarting the real time anti-virus even if you have it unchecked. A real pain!!
  2. AdAware Plus Aniversary Edition with AdWatch enabled does conflict with Norton 2009, but you will never know it without looking in the history file for NIS 2009, because no outward error messages will pop up. Because this paid version of AdAware has anti-virus properties, I suspect that is why. No two anti-virus real time protection mechanisms can exist at the same time. I have been using free and paid versions with AdWatch enabled with Avast and NOD32 with no outward errors reported there either. Everything seems to work fine, but it is always a good idea to check the built-in event monitor in your particular Windows system to see if any system errors are happening and what file(s) are causing them. I've been testing MBAM real time protection with NIS 2009 and have discovered no conflicts at all. However AdAware is too valuable as a scanner program and now I use the AdWatch with the real time registry protection enabled only. This makes it a good replacement for the now obsolete Spybot Search & Destroy Tea Timer. I'm not letting any of my clients do without Lavasoft, and will do so into the near future! AdAware has improved so dramatically in the last year that I am suggesting to all clients that they drop the venerable safernetworking utility, and that it(SS&D) is now obsolete.