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  1. [quote name='visitor' post='122001' date='Aug 22 2010, 10:12 AM']That's the Ad-Watch Registry Protection. Are you using the free version or a paid version?[/quote] I am speaking of 8.3.1 the free version.
  2. With the new version 8.3.1, windows XP, i am now getting a small window at times telling me that adaware wants to or is trying to rearange registry keys. Why is this and what is it trying to do? Shoud I allow this?
  3. Several times i tried to scan and got a box telling me a required item is missing. Finally a scan completed and I got a box telling me a long code, something about accessing ; denied files, and stringvalue issues. At the end of the note was a note saying to contact Lava Soft security. I could not get logged in to here, I could not copy and paste the notice in the boxes or from the boxes, and now the boxes are gone. So, i have no specifics to tell you at this time. I could not find a way to contact Lava Soft security either. Another window tells me the scan , after I removed many cookies was successful. How does one send items or notes like that to Lava soft and what does it mean??? Do I need to remove and re-install??