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  1. Frequently, I clean my cache when surfing the net. Been doing this procedure for years and have never had a window pop up called Spooler. This worried me, because recently I have had multiple attempts of someone trying to hack into my server, even email the webmaster (which is me) and pretend to be me, in order to get passwords. I changed all my passwords, making them more complex and removed 58 malwares from my computer's registry. After doing this, roughly 12 hours later, this Spooler thing popped up. Ad-aware SE asked me if I wanted to permit it to write to the Registry or block it. I chose block it. Did I do the right thing? Or has it already altered the registry? I understand that a Spooler writes to the hard-drive and then sends info to an external device (like a printer). I'm concerned because it is quite obvious that I have one or more hackers trying to get passwords and other private info that doesn't belong to them and could cause my company serious harm. sincerely, nextstop