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  1. You say I could go to 9.6, BUT 10 worked fine before 10.1 I hope you have a 10.2 coming out soon you should have two version, one with anti virus, and another without a antivirus
  2. Beatles4

    When 10.2?

    I thought that too read what cecilliaB put [url=""][/url]
  3. Okay fine, but what if I paid for my antivirus, and all I wanted was a anti spyware and anti adware IE Ad Aware from Lavosoft, I didnt want anti virus on it shoving my paid version off my computer for them, do anyone else know what am saying here?
  4. Hi there, I'd like to put my humble opinion across.... I just don't think lavasoft are listening to us, I liked Ad aware for the anti adware and anti spyware, I paid for a antivirus back in january for a year, then this month I download ad aware 10 and it runs fine, then downoload 10.1 and it crashes pc. Ihave disabled ad aware for the time being. Been told and also read posts saying I should uninstall my anti virus for it to work, why would I after paying for it in January am not wasting money.. It almost like forcing it upon us, and of course its not gonna work with other vendors, and telling us to get rid to be able to have adaware to work. Not happy with Lavasoft, and disabling ad aware means less secure system, not happy with that either...
  5. I feel the same as you, I wont use ad aware till they fix the lag. The anti virus worked before 10.1(as in 10) but now it doesnt, I loved lavasoft for anti adware and spyware, they why i have it not for anti virus.
  6. I had this also on my computer, installed fine on laptop, but could not uninstall the version on my computer, it said it had installed, but left 9 still on there, but no trace of 10.
  7. Beatles4

    New Update

    Um only Microsoft security essentials(on my laptop) can't even install let alone uninstall ad aware 9 on my pc, might be because I have antivirus(trend micro)?? Never had this problem before. Lavasoft, why would this cause problems? in the past, I brought antivirus on my pc, and a free one on my laptop, and then had window defendera for spyware then ad aware for spyware and adware, I don't get why your pushing for antivirus, and its wonder why its causing problemswith other vendors.
  8. Hmmthis might be what is happening on my laptop? Had to disable ad aware, and laptop is fine, just waiting to see if other users have this problem, and waiting for it tobe solved
  9. Beatles4

    New Update

    Hi there, Since downloading the new update a couple of days ago, my laptop seems really slow, unresponsive, and takes forever to load things and even had to force reboot by holding down the power button. On a minor note, sometimes when I go on the web some pages will say cannot display page, and says something about yahoo and lavasoft, like its blocking it, reboot laptop and its fine, dunno if thats happened since update too. Atm ad aware is disabled and my laptop seems to run ok. Is lavasoft aware of this or is it me?
  10. Edit: If you turn off your PC then restart it and update ad aware then it should update, this is what happened to me.
  11. Errr, this happens to me, and I don't think it is malware as my Laptop is squeeky clean. Might be because I haven't updated in the last few days because my Laptop hasn't been on.
  12. Just to let you know, my computer was going ever so slow, I haven't got any blue screens in about 72 hours, but it was running ever so slow like I said, this might be due to blue screens effecting memory?? Well I took my panels off the side of my Computer, took both memory sticks out and put back in, and walla, it runs so smooth. But I think some parts of Windows was still damaged even though it was running smooth, example, index no longer worked etc. So I deleted the partition, created a new one, and then reformatted my computer with a fresh installation of Windows. I installed all my programs, and installed a fresh installation of Ad Aware(from lavasoft) Installed updates for windows and Ad Aware. Now running a full scan, am going out now, but it has been running for about 50 minutes no crashes. (Thumbs up) Will let you know how it goes later or tomorrow. Thanks. ~Beatles4~ :-)
  13. Hi there, Go to the lavasoft website > Products > Ad aware > go to the free version > and look for the green button to download > download(gray button) shuld take you to website to download > then download now. Bit long wiinded but there ya go. ~Beatles4~ :-)
  14. I myself use I.E 8. And like I said, I never found "tracking cookies" cause before I do a scan I use track sweep, so I guess it works as nothing shows up. ~Beatles4~ :-)