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  1. Same here - I can update via the start menu, but not from within the system.
  2. This thread seems to have stalled - probably the weekend, but looking at other forum threads I am very concerned that we seem to have a major problem as this AE version seems to be full of holes. Sebastian, I would appreciate your feedback as the update problem is widespread (plus the other threads which identify major hits on system files) and I am getting to the point where after 3 / 4 years with Lavasoft I'm on the verge of getting other systems to look after Spyware - and on that theme - any feedback from others on Malware bytes or PCTools would be much appreciated.
  3. Sebastian - it will be good if you can get back to us as it seems like a problem for several people and that Vista is involved in many cases. Might be a coincidence, but could some Vista settings be blocking the update?
  4. thanks Casey - but still no joy. The windows firewall is off and 360 is operating. I have now changed all three components (earlier +Ad-AwareAdmin now) to "allow" in norton's firewall settings. Are there any others that are not so obvious? Other info - the license shows as free with no expiry, web update status shows as ok - just will not let me run it!
  5. I have just updgraded my PC from adaware 2008 to AE (free). The PC has Vista installed and Norton 360. 2008 was working okay with both. The upgrade worked fine, and I can run a scan, but when trying to do a web update I receive an error message - "Connection error, check your settings". I have changed the firewall for 360 to "allow" for both aawservice and ad-aware but still no success. Any suggestions as to how to fix this would be appreciated.
  6. I've got the same problem and similarly I have Spybot running - I have just downloaded the latest updates and maybe that contains some changes which pick up new spybot actions (Spybot has been adding to the list of blocked pages for a long time in the hosts file, but this is the first time that it was picked up in an ad-aware scan) - I second the thought that it would help if Lavasoft could issue a bulletin