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  1. [quote name='cyberlarry7' date='Feb 18 2010, 08:20 AM' post='116895'] The new 2010 AD-AWARE version 8.2 has a real bug - it keeps crashing whenever I run a scan. Does anyone know what's going on? I have Installed and Uninstalled it 4 times now -- 3 times downloaded from CNET and 1 time from SOFTPEDIA. All installs result in the same exact result - whenever I run a scan, a screen pops up that reads: [b]Ad-Aware was shut down unexpectedly and has generated an error report.[/b] The software won't work. My PC is a Dell XPS 400 with MS XP, and it's in perfect working order, so I know it's not the computer. I've used Ad-Aware for years, and all other versions/updates worked perfectly. Why was 8.2 released when it obviously has a bug. I noticed there are numerous complaints in CNET's User Comments - this crash is happening to a lot of people. Would like to hear from others - does the paid-for version work & only the free one crashes, or is this happening across the board? [/quote Finally, it looks like they have fixed it. I just was able just now to do a full scan successfully.
  2. [quote name='jjr' post='116849' date='Feb 17 2010, 03:49 PM']HEHE lets not split hairs ;-) I did just renew my license though. Lavasoft support just wrote me back saying that they are aware of the problem and on top of it. In the meantime they told me to uninstall 8.2 and reinstall 8.1. Below if there reply. We are aware of this issue, it has been reported to our developers and they have prioritized it. We will hopefully have it resolved shortly. In the meantime, please uninstall the current version of Ad-Aware and install the previous one instead: [url=""][/url] When a fix for this issue is released, it will be announced in the Support Center blog at Did you download the update from or through the update screen in Ad-Aware?[/quote] I updated mine (on Feb 16/10 and it hasn't successfully been able to finish a scan yet) through the Ad-Aware update pop up screen. When there is a fix, will it be included in the regular updates? By the way, I am using Windows XP Home Edition.
  3. [quote name='jjr' post='116836' date='Feb 17 2010, 12:01 PM']I found that I saved the 8.1 version and reinstalled that and it works fine again. Also I turn off all the auto updates. I hope that Lavasoft comes up for a fix fast a I paid for this and expect it to work;-)[/quote] You paid for 8.2.0 ?? I thought it was free. I never paid for it.
  4. [quote name='pietenpohl' post='116795' date='Feb 17 2010, 06:46 AM']I have today downloaded Ad-Aware Free 8.2.0. However, it shuts itself down after only 34 seconds into the scan. I am operating Windows XP with Windows firewall and AVG anti-virus. (I am not using Norton.) I did try uninstalling it then re-installing it but the problem remains. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be going wrong or where I might find version 8.1.4 which seemed to work OK. Thank you.[/quote] I also upgraded to 8.2.0 from a previous version yesterday, and as yet it won't get past scanning 2000 or so files before shutting down and generating an error report (which I can't see) and asks me to forward it.) I tried re-installing it, but it was the same result. Is there a fix coming?
  5. I did a smart scan today and got the same thing...9 'Redirected Hostfile Entry' I can't 'Remove' them, and I can't "Quarantine' them....Help.