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  1. It is my laptop with Panda Cloud, Avast!, and AdAware that will not let AdAware open. My PC does not have Panda but it does have the other two. AdAware 10.x opens and scans no problems (so far) so it looks like Panda is the conflict.
  2. I also have Avast! and Panda Cloud. Panda is new but since it is a cloud type I did not think it could block anything. Avast! did not interfere with the previous 9.0x.
  3. I just installed and reinstalled 10.x and it will not open from the desktop icon or the program list on my laptop with Win 7. I disabled the Tools/popup blocker but that did not help. 10.x works fine on my PC with Win XP except I don't like being "upgraded" to Pro without being asked. If I wanted a free trial I'd ask for it. And if there is any work involved in switching back when the 30 days is up I'd just as soon delete it.
  4. My Ad-Aware 8.3.5 always manages to find at least one cookie with a TAI of 3 even if I just ran another malware program and deleted all that was found. Just for kicks, I ran Ad-Aware twice, back-to-back, and (surprise-surprise) it still found the same cookie both times. Could it be that cookie is put on by LSoft just so we think Ad-Aware has found something no other program could find? What else could it be?
  5. In June the LS Blog said slow updates were a known problem but they were working to fix it. It still takes 20 min. to update and that's after only a couple of days since I did it last. I can run a quick scan on Avast in less time. What do I need Ad-Aware 8.3.4 for? If I go back to an 8.0.x or 8.2 without any AV features will it update any faster? Will LS continue to support the non-AV versions? Thanks.
  6. Trojan.win32.generic!bt with a TAI 10 was found twice in 2 days running a "full" scan. On 9/10/10 you told Gabriela it was a false positive that would be fixed in the next update and I have updated several times since then.
  7. I am using the 2008 Free version with Win XP and Firefox. I can only access Track Sweep via the Tools & Plugins button since I don't have Ad Watch. I know how to R click and check all Firefox items, then click Clean. It says it will only clean browsers that are not running (and it is not) so I hit OK and nothing happens. I still have cookies etc. What am I missing? Thanks.