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  1. Okay, this time it says "corrupt installation detected."
  2. Okay. Should I do the method that was suggested where I save Ad Aware 2008 to the desktop and run it from there?
  3. I removed the registry key. (That felt great to find and delete it!) However, the Ad Aware 2007 is still showing up on my control panel's list of currently installed programs -- WITHOUT the button that says "change/delete" next to it. So maybe that means that it's been deleted but the name just can't be gotten rid of. I tried shutting down the computer and re-starting, and it's still there. I'm keeping the backup "uninstall.reg" file on my desktop in case I need it. The instructions don't really provide for what to do if your program has NOT been removed in the control panel's list. I know I've said this at least twice before - but this is probably really the last thing we can try, isn't it? Thanks so much for all the help. Karen
  4. Not surprisingly, I get the same error message I've gotten from the get-go: "Error 1327. Invalid Drive I" something. Oddly, when I went back just now to get the error message to type it in verbatim here, I hit "run uninstaller" again and this time it said that the "installer" was still working on an installation and to wait for the next installation. So I don't know what's going on.
  5. I tried this and when I hit "delete entry" the message I get says "cannot delete MSI installer." Any idea what that means? Could I try the "uninstaller" button when Ad Aware 2007 is highlighted? Karen
  6. The CCleaner found 18 things that were left after Lavasoft Ad Aware 2007 was uninstalled -- and CCleaner's solution was to delete those references from the registry. But the implication was that there wasn't anything really on the computer from Ad Aware 2007; the name was just showing up on the registry. But Ad Aware 2007 still shows up as a program on my computer (on the control panel programs list) and I still can't delete it without getting (1) the 1327 error message followed by (2) a message saying that Windows is configuring Ad Aware 2007, and finally (3) a message saying that the installation was corrupted or something like that. So I guess at this point I will just take my chances and install my antivirus software, unless there is something else left to try. Thanks for all the help - Karen
  7. I did the cleaner and now I've clicked on "Registry." Do I do the "scan for issues"?
  8. Thanks so much. Update: I have removed the Lavasoft folder from all 3 places you instructed me to. I'll check out the program you mention for getting rid of things in the registry - assuming it's something I can download free, as Revo was. As for Ad Aware 2008 - yes, I have intended not to update Ad Aware until after I have been able to install the anti-virus software that I've renewed (NOD 32). The only reason I had tried (and seemed to have failed) to install 2008 was that it was suggested as a way to uninstall the 2007. I don't want 2008 on my computer causing the same problem as 2007.
  9. Also - when I download and try to install Ad-Aware 2007 from the snapfile site, it gets me to a point where it says that "Ad-Aware 2007 version is already installed; I must uninstall it before installing this Ad-Aware 2007 Version; do I want to uninstall now?" I click "yes" and I get the famliar error.
  10. Is there any reason to install 2008? I'm trying to get to the point where I don't have any Ad Aware installed on my computer, so that I can renew my anti-virus software (which is who told me to uninstall Ad Aware to start with). Is there something special I should when I try to reinstall 2007 again? When I did this yesterday, I did a google search and got to the snapfiles link for Ad Aware 2007 before; I tried to install it and got the same error message. I also tried to download it and save it to the desktop as the instructions on Lavasoft support said to do, then run as administrator, but again got the same error message (Error 1327, I think, is the message). Thanks, Karen
  11. This is very nice of you! Yes, the Ad Aware 2007 is in the Lavasoft folder in Program files on the C drive. The 2008 doesn't appear. (I think all that happened when I "installed" that was that the icon got saved onto the desktop -- and I have deleted it.) Karen
  12. I probably should have said that initially when I ask Revo to remove Ad Aware 2007, I get an error message (the same as I got when trying to uninstall or install either Ad Aware 2007 or 2008) and the line of progress along the bottom remains filled but doesn't disappear. I had just hit "next" and hoped for the best, and the most obvious Ad Aware 2007 files that were in bold, that I checked, did disappear. But maybe the error message meant that Revo also can't remove the Ad Aware 2007. I can't remove Ad Aware 2008 from the desktop, as you suggest -- I even get the same error message when trying to run or uninstall THAT. Sounds pretty hopeless.
  13. Going through the Revo process to uninstall Ad Aware 2007, I got to the step where you're asked to carefully "check" which files you want to delete. I checked all the ones that had Ad Aware 2007 in the name but did not check the bolded files that were just numbers/letters with no words -- I have no way of knowing if it's safe to delete these files or not. There were quite a few of them. The Revo result was that the Ad Aware 2007 stopped showing up on my "show all programs" list; the Lavasoft folder says "empty" (but this may still be a problem, I guess, if there even is still a Lavasoft folder?) BUT when I go to the control panel under programs currently installed, Ad Aware 2007 is still there and still won't be removed (same error message I got when I tried to uninstall Ad Aware 2007 from the "show all programs" list). I've tried the solutions suggested and have an Ad Aware 2008 exe. icon on my desktop now but it won't let me run it in order to uninstall THAT -- it says the installation was corrupted. So I think I still have Ad Aware 2007, I don't know but what I have some of Ad Aware 2008, and I just want to get rid of both so that I can renew my antivirus software. Any suggestions? Thanks -