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  1. [quote]You don't have a more current image which works?[/quote] No I haven't [quote]...maybe you should try a clean uninstall[/quote] to me, it'll not change nothing [quote]...if you don't have the original installer...[/quote] in any case I still have the original installer, I use to properly store all my working files on a DVD [quote]...I turned off auto-update and never used "Web Update", only manual update of core.aawdef...[/quote] that's a very handy way to manage my future update Thank you very much indeed, Bye, Stefano. P.S. I thing I'll wait for the next core definitions updated and I'll see if something different will happen.
  2. [color="#FF0000"][b]there is something really wrong with the latest couple core.aawdef... [/b][/color] I reload my TIB image that comes with the 0149.0060 core definition and everything works great. As soon as I copy the new one into its path the wrong behaviour comes back! I don't know what the Lavasoft's guys are doing...! Bye, Stefano.
  3. [quote]Like you, I update the definitions manually, so have avoided some of the problems of the later software updates[/quote] that's the point...for the last couple of times I forget to do that manually and may be something goes wrong. As soon as I'll have spare time I'll reload my tib image and I'll report to you my result Thanks for your support, I appreciate that Stefano.
  4. [quote name='visitor' post='114747' date='Dec 25 2009, 05:20 PM']What about step 5 and 6? Is the service running and set to automatic? Do you see AAWService and AAWTray in task manager?[/quote] of course I did, I double checked both of them and everything seems to be there... P.S. I do not have ad-watch started on, hence I haven't any AAWTray service, but I suppose that's pretty regular...isn't it? [quote]You have Ad-Aware 2008 - is it a licensed Plus or Pro version, or the free version?[/quote] I have a full licensed Ad-Aware 2008 Pro version [quote]If it's licensed, you can contact Lavasoft Customer Support via the link in my signature. If it's free version, maybe you should try a clean uninstall/reinstall of 2008 or upgrade to Anniversary Edition or the newest 2010 version 8.1.[/quote] I think I'll try to do one of those.... [quote]My other thought is maybe you're infected with malware which interferes with the Ad-Aware service. If you think you might be infected, read instructions in my signature about posting in the HijackThis forum.[/quote] it's hard to believe something like that...I still have Sophos Antivirus working on and it founds really nothing machine seems to work fine and I can't feel any stranger behaviour till now. In any case thank you very much indeed for your support...I really appreciate what you did for me. Bye, Stefano. P.S. If nothing will change in the next couple of days, I'll reload my Acronis TIB image to finally figure out what's the problem really is
  5. [quote name='stenews' post='114741' date='Dec 25 2009, 11:51 AM']okay mate...I'll try that and I'll report to you [/quote] No does not seem to solve my problem! Any more guess?
  6. [quote name='visitor' post='114699' date='Dec 23 2009, 10:32 PM']After deleting the core.aawdef file, did you download again to replace the definition file? These are the steps I would try: 1. right-click tray icon to exit Ad-Aware and Ad-Watch. 2. delete core.aawdef as described in the 2 posts above. 3. download and replace core.aawdef 4. reboot computer. 5. After reboot, run services.msc to verify that Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service is started/automatic. 6. Check task manager to see if AAWService and AAWTray are running.[/quote] okay mate...I'll try that and I'll report to you
  7. [quote name='visitor' post='114693' date='Dec 23 2009, 09:14 PM']Here are a couple links relating to error 1814: [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url][/quote] I see...but now it's asking me for the definition file and my problem start again P.S. see my the two pictures below...the second one pops up when I try to scan my pc
  8. [quote name='visitor' post='114691' date='Dec 23 2009, 08:27 PM']What problems have you experienced? I haven't had any. If you're getting false positives, you should report them here: [url=""][/url] (be sure to review the pinned topics first) The download gets updated automatically, but occassionally there's a problem and sometimes it's not updated for 2-5 days. I always keep the last working definition file as a backup, just in case, but the only backup I have that's over a month old is 0148.0067, the last set before they switched to 0149.xxxx - but it's quite old now, from July 7.[/quote] Hi mate and thanks for your reply, I get something like that [color="#FF0000"]error 1814 has occurred[/color]. Before update to the latest virus definition I was no problem at all! Bye, Stefano
  9. Hi mate, I was wondering if it be possible to download any file older than the latest one. I'm having problem with all the December's definitions and I'd like to manually load any older ones. Thank you very much indeed, Stefano.
  10. no Casey...the right click scanning mode is something added to AE only, now I'm sure about that. Thanks the same for your help, mate. Bye, Stefano.
  11. I can't find any context menu...could please guide me trough it? I have Ad-Aware 2008 latest build. I checked the log files you guessed me but I couldn't find the informations I was looking for...why? Hope you'll help me... Thanks, Stefano.
  12. Hi Casey thanks for your reply! but... AAW 2008 Pro has no right clicking scanning mode at all. Anyway, from the main interface, I clicked on custom scan and I "saw" Z:\, it seems to me that the process finished properly. Actually, I didn't know if the Z drive has been investigated for virus because I had too few files in it and the process last only few seconds. Did AAW write any log(s) file(s) that I can check for those kind of informations? Thanks for your help! Bye, Stefano.
  13. Hi to everyone! Can I access my home network drive for a virus scan? I mean, I have a iomega home network drive and I mapped it. Now I can see my public folder like any other drive with a letter (Z:\) I was asking to me if I can run a virus scan to it or AAW 2008 has this kind of limitation Thanks for any help. Stefano.
  14. I have the same problem...anyway I finally found the .exe that is called to launch the advertisement. It is FreeUpdate.exe (C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware), I blocked it with Defence+ (Comodo) and I stopped it. Bye and I hope this will help you too, Stefano.
  15. okay mate...and let me ask you a question. Does it appear any kind of advertisement pop-up when you first launch the application or when even you just finish to install the definition update? Thanks and bye, Stefano.