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  1. You mean that there is nothing in the Ad-Aware AE Free version that could interfer with Avast resident protection? Not even the Live protection? And I didn't know that Plus or Pro have the Anti-Virus protection. Thank you!
  2. I have practically the same question. Is it possible that Ad-Aware AE (Anniversary Edition) - FREE versions's resident (Live) protection would interfere in any way with Avast Home 4.8 - FREE version's resident protection? I am asking, because I didn't really understand the answer above. Thank you!
  3. Yes, but if it was false positive (by the older definition) it is not anymore now. Now. when I scan my system with the new Ad-Aware definition, everything is alright. I would need the old definition file (I suspect 0142.0000 or 0143.0000 to be the right one). Can you guys scan my file with an older definition?
  4. I would need them to figure out if I really had some malware in my system, or if it was a false alarm by an older definition (I suspect it was the later). I think that definition must be the one from 26th of November...
  5. Yes, but my PC is clean now. I would like to try to install an older definition (November 2008) to try if it will mark my file as dangerous again (false alarm). Is it possible to get some older definition files? Thanx!
  6. Hello! Is it possible to get some older definition files (from November 2008) for Ad-Aware 2008 Free? Thanx!
  7. Hello! Ten days ago or so Ad-Aware 2008 Free found a critical infection (TAI 5), a file called dsdxirmv.exe, which was located in my Windows folder (C:\Windows\dsdxirmv.exe). After I googled about it (most articles said it's malware) I formatted my hard disk. Now I have installed all my programs again and watched carefully if it would appear again. It did when I installed Cakewalk's Sonar 4 program! Same file, same location, size: 116 KB. Of course I ran Ad-Aware again (even more than one time) and it found nothing! I checked the file with anti-virus program too, and it seems clean. So, I don't know. Was it a false alarm by Ad-Aware's previous definition or was it really infected? What's with it now? Can I submit this file to you to check it somehow or something? Thank you!