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  1. If the above still doesn't work and you have the 2007 download you installed it from, run it again to repair or reinstall, then you should be able to uninstall it as normal. Or if not check to see if it is on the Add/Remove Program list in Control Panel and run repair if offered, then try uninstalling it as normal. This has worked for me with a number of different programs.
  2. Again I started this post for information, NOT for advice. And I got my information, for that I thank you. Now you can step down off your soap box, as you have not told me anything else I did not already know. By the way, do you post to any other forums?
  3. Making it personal is unprofessional. I did not say I have not moved on, I said others that depend on me will NOT move on. And since NONE of my people, when you run any old OR NEW current mal-ware scanners have come up infected in years or even crashed do to any mal-ware, they don't have much reason to move on, do they? The ones who can and/or want to update hardware, software or OSs, I gladly help do it. Now when and if any of the ones who haven't moved on find something that Ad-aware SE missed and the NEW scanners find on their systems, then I will help them decide which of the current scanners is best for their needs. It's not my or your place to decide what is right for someone who did not ask our advice. I only started this post to ask about the last definition for ME, you forced your unasked for advice on me and proceeded to insult me for not kissing your feet for it. I never asked for your advice, not that it's wrong, but as a rule NO ONE takes advice they didn't ask for. Which is why I always wait until they do, then they will listen, they may not follow it but they will at least listen without getting upset.
  4. So when was the last security update released for 98SE? Why use a OS that is both out of date (by years!) AND set the definition of insecure? As I said before Windows 2000, will run on anything that will run 98SE/ME and is still being supported. Do you know anyone who is running Ad-aware SE with the last good definition file installed, who has run say Spybot, that has found anything of note that Ad-aware did not catch? I test most of them, on multiple OSs, because I have people running all sorts of systems for all sorts of reasons and I like to be knowledgeable when I give recommendations. But I am not "most people" that post here, I also avoid using the word "stupid" in any of the forums I post in. Somethings (tech. based) I do just to see if it is possible, others just for the knowledge and experience I gain. A lot of old problems show up again and again. Often the old fixes still work. Also I'm not telling anyone to start using Ad-aware SE, either. My systems that I watch over are mal-ware free not just because of the scanners (old or new) but because of custom settings for IE and instructions I give my people about safe web browsing and e-mail use. After all, nothing can stand in the way of a really dedicated idiot!
  5. Actually, there are other registered users out here who have backed up their downloaded definition files (downloaded from Lavasoft) and are quite happy to e-mail their known good files to those who are nice enough to ask. And just because we prefer to use Ad-aware SE on our old systems, does not mean we do not not have access to a newer system running current scanner software. And I run current manual virus and spyware scans on any and all files that I pass on to one of my older systems. I would also like to point out, that again, though we prefer Ad-aware SE as our main sacnner on our older systems, we are also aware that is and always has been foolish to rely on only one scanner, no matter how good it is. I have at least three Spyware programs and two anti-virus programs on all my systems, as well as links to the best on-line scanners. You might as well fault us for running Windows ME in the first place.
  6. I was wondering that myself (about the auto updates starting back up) and I came up with two ideas. The first is because of customer demand and the fact that Ad-aware SE still runs under Window XP and can use the updates newer than the last one that supported ME. The second one is (I'll have to check into this one myself) that since as far as Lavasoft is concerned, Ad-aware SE is dead, and they are now using the same download link for Ad-aware 2008 definitions as Ad-aware SE used(uses) and they are named the same on the site. So Ad-aware SE downloads them and tries to use them but since they're not written for SE there are major problems, as you have described. The last difinition file that worked correctly for users of ME was SE1R247.
  7. All you using Windows Me may want to consider a lateral upgrade to Windows 2000 Pro. It actually has lower hardware requirements than ME. It's still being supported by Microsoft and most mainstream software companies. Failing that I have an original install file for Ad-aware SE Personal version 1.06r1 and the last definition file to support ME. Remember Ad-aware 2008 will run on Windows 2000 Pro.
  8. If it's not on the list in Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, check in the Start Menu under Lavasoft. Otherwise, look in the C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-aware SE directory for the file named Unwise.exe, it's the uninstaller. Hope that helps.
  9. I have since found two good copies of SE1R247. So I'll go close up my post and thank everyone for their time and help. I do use both portable and on-line scanners at regular intervals on the old machines that I watch over and none of them find anything but a stray cookie once in a while. Most of the virus and spyware that has come out since the first of the year is almost all aimed at the current OSs. It's like using ME or 98 puts you under the wire if you have any protection at all and a little sense. My motto for all things tech. is if it will do what you want, you have no reason to upgrade. That and you will never be happy going back once you do. Also don't forget Spyware Blaster & Spyware Guardian, they still work on 98/ME. Anyway, thanks again everybody.
  10. Hello all, First off, yes, I know Ad-aware SE is dead and gone. However, I have my mother who is using ME and a few other diehards, who will not change anything but depend on me for tech. support. Now if and when any of them decide to upgrade systems or OS, I will gladly update them to Ad-aware 2008 or which ever version is the current one. They are not high risk as they mainly use e-mail (with current spam filters) and current anti-virus, only going to a few select sites. Now my question is (after reading these and other forums) is which defs.ref file version was the the last one to support Windows ME and where can I find it? The last one I downloaded was SE1R218. Thanks in advance for any help with this.