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  1. I went into services, when I click on the Ad-Aware link it doesn't give me the options to end service or stop or start or anything else. If I double click on the line it doesn't give me any options either. It won't uninstall and it won't stop going. I have tried to do it all but so far nothing works. I keep getting the interactive services pop up that says that the program can't display on the desk top but I can't do anything about it and when I try to install the 2008 version it just says that it can't install because of an error. I will assume it has to do with the same error that is causing this problem..... I am really stuck with all of this.
  2. I was trying to update and now I am getting an error 1921 that says aawservice could not be stopped. Am I running it or is someone else. I have tryed to go to services and stop it but it gives me no options and I keep getting a message saying it needs more information but I can't get to it and it won't uninstall nor will it let me up grade or download another version. Please Help Me!!!!