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  1. Anyway you can give me some advise? I have posted to the forums today with no luck. I am running VISTA and tried to update the free version of LS Adaware. The program told me to un-install 2007 and download 2008. I keep getting error messages every few minutes letting me know that there was an error. I tried to un-install Adaware from the control panel with no luck. Not authorized. I read the forums and went to C:programfiles/Lavasoft/Adaware2007 and tried to delete it. No luck either. Not authorized. Then I tried to download Adaware 2008 and the machine tried to un-install 2007 itself. No luck. I am so tired of getting this "interactive services dialog detection" message. I tried downloading REVO Uninstaller with no luck. I do not have privileges to un-install... Any help you can provide would be much help. Charles
  2. OK. I am having the same problem. I downloaded Revo and I still get an error message 1921. reve tells me I do no have privileges to un-install. Any more suggestions... Mod.Edit/split/another problem/Raziel
  3. I am having the same problem. I have gone to C:programfiles/lavasoft/adaware2007 and tried to delete it. It says i need permission. I have right clicked on the file and allowed all administrative tasks and I still cannot delete it. Any suggestions to move forward. I'm tired of the message popping up too...
  4. I ran a update yesterday of Adaware and was told to un-install the old version of Adaware. I am running Adaware 2007, the free version. I get an error message and I can't run or un-install Adaware. Any suggestions... And, I'm running Vista.