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  1. 1/8/09 When I go to run the program, a box comes up and advises : SYSTEM ERROR 1810 Something about the service not being on line... Would this be a reason why I can't delete the program?
  2. 1/7/09 The crash reports have stopped once I rebooted after the above.....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Now...I need to figure out why I can't delete the program! When I tried before the crash reports, all it did was start and then just stay in the same position forever..
  3. 1/6/09 The good news...I got that screen open The bad news...I typed in "sc stop aawservice" (less the ") and it said it did not recognize that command The good news...I typed in "sc delete aawservice" (less the ") and it said " successful "... The bad didn't change a thing! A crash report came about 3 minutes later....
  4. 1/6/09 Right clicking where I type in the command does not bring up anything.... Whatever is causing this must be in my start-up programs. No sooner do I turn on the computer and log in than the first crash notice arrives...
  5. 1/2/09 I did as asked. I got " access denied "
  6. 1/1/09 Thanks for the idea...however...keep in mind I am on Vista.... Pressing the windows key an r brings up an "open" window for me to type in something to open...not run...
  7. 1/1/09 I did as you asked..and found the "AAWService.exe". I stopped it from running...but...before I could even exit the task manager it popped back up. As I pops up every 30 seconds or so...I have no way to stop it or delete it. Otherwise, my PC is running fine. It's just a pain to have this thing pop up on my screen every 30 seconds...there it is again....
  8. I had our company tekkie go into my computer and he did the "msconfig" and when he went to unclick was nowhere to be shows in "All Programs" on my just won't let me remove/delete it.
  9. Thanks for this post! I have been trying to stop the crash notices I've been getting every 30 seconds for days! Even my company's tekkies couldn't figure out how to remove it! I tried, and it started to delete..and froze at 45% and stayed there for-ev-er! Will try your fix and see if that helps! Happy New Year!
  10. Here is more info. When I just tried to do a scan, this came up: COMPONENT: TFormAAW MESSAGE: Failed To Set Data For 'AAWUser' Maybe that will help you somehow.
  11. I have gone to the Task Manager (I have Vista) and it does not show the program as even running...however...a crash report came in while I was in there..and I stopped IT..but the program is not running...Crash reports continue to come in about every 20 - 30 seconds...
  12. "AN UNHANDLED EXCEPTION OCCURED AT 0x763C42EB in awwservice" This is popping up every few minutes on my screen...
  13. I have Adaware 2007. It was working fine until I changed my browser to Mozilla. Now, all I get is a crash report about every 2 minutes. I changed back to Internet Explorer...and it didn't matter. In fact, as I typed this another crash report arrived. I went to delete the program so I could reload it...and it won't delete! Anyone having these issues? I am on Vista Home Basic....