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  1. I found Lavasoft "Safe Browsing" and have removed it. It may have been a separate, older, programme but I didn't check the upload date before removing it. I use Vista, Firefox and AVG. Is 9.6 the right older version? I don't want more software running in the background.
  2. I removed the latest version of adaware because the "safe browsing" was causing problems/conflicts with other anti-virus. Unfortunately the "safe browsing" part of the programme has remained, and I don't know how to get rid of it. I would be grateful if you could help, and also, if possible, point me to a site where I can find an older version of the software. File Hippo doesn't seem to have one.
  3. If you're using Vista Ad-aware2007 does not show in the processes listed in the task manager, so it cannot be stopped and the error message keeps appearing. Ad-aware cannot be stopped, attempting to remove it by using Vista's Uninstall doesn't work either. I eventually tried MikeB's method of removing it, having been sceptical, and it works. I wish I'd tried it sooner. It's here http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=22485 Type msconfig into the start box, go to start up and unclick Adaware. Restart the computer then go to Control Panel > Programmes > AdAware > Remove A warning message appears, you need to allow Lavasoft access.
  4. Same as "dream", I've been watching advice on this site in an attempt to sort out the situation with adaware2007 but none of it works. Could somebody please explain how you can shut down a programme that refuses to open and instead only causes Vista to generate error messages, or how to get rid of a programme that refuses to uninstall via the Control Panel? I didn't upgrade to 2008 because there were conflicts, which still haven't been resolved, and I feel similar frustration to Lee88 because nobody seems willing to fix something, neither Lavasoft nor M$, and us with problems seem a bit abandoned. I know the software I'm using is free, so maybe shouldn't expect too much, but I use Firefox which is also free - they seem to be very willing to fix bugs.