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  3. Like many here I ran into a problem with Ad-Aware 2007 after the upgrade to IE7. I have the Pro version and contacted support. Unfortunately they repeatedly responded by telling me to uninstall 2007 and install 2008 without addressing the error messages I, like you, have received. I run Windows Vista. I discovered what should have been told me to begin with. You FIRST have to go to msconfig (in Vista, Start > type in msconfig > then select) > Start Up, and un-check aawservice from the start up list. (Task Manager is supposed to let you know what is runing, however, after trying to uninstall 2007 no reference to it appeared in Task Manager even though the aawservice was running/trying to run and giving the Unhandled Exception error). Re-Start your system. This will eliminate the Unhandled Exception error. You will now be able to go to Program File and Program Data File and delete all Lavasoft info. Before, you would receive an error message "You need permission to perform this action". Make sure you completely uninstall 2007. See: I was then able to install 2008 (those with paid versions will be asked to enter your registration during the process). I was able to do a Full System scan. All appears to be well. Hope this helps. Mike