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  1. Hi, I use several of the available Command Line Parameters in Ad-Aware SE. For example, I use the /full Command Line Parameter to run a full system scan every night. And it works like a charm. However, the +update Command Line Parameter will not properly execute. According to the Ad-Aware User Guide, the +update Command Line Parameter "checks if a new definitions file is available and downloads it on Ad-Aware SE startup." I have watched and visually monitored what happens when this +update Command Line Parameter executes. Upon execution, Ad-Aware opens. However, that is all that happens. Ad-Aware does not check to see if a new definitions file is available and download it. And I am positive a new defintion file is available, because I have checked the Lavasoft website ahead of time to verify the most recent definition file update. Any help would be much appreciated. hbman
  2. Hi. I recently purchased the Lavasoft Firewall. Is there any documentation for suggested settings for the firewall? For a novice user, is it just best to use the default settings? Or does anyone know of any available documentation that outlines settings that are superior to the default settings? Sincerely, hbman
  3. Hi, I am using Ad-Aware SE Plus. In the Windows Task Scheduler I have used the command below to attempt to schedule an automatic update AND automatic scan to run at 2:00am each morning. "C:\PROGRA~1\Lavasoft\AD-AWA~2\Ad-Aware.exe" / full + nodefnotice + update I used the Command Line Parameters indicated in the help menu. I have to use the quotation marks or Windows will automatically change the forward slash to a back slash. What should happen is that at 2:00am each morning, Ad-aware SE Plus should automatically check for updates and automatically run a scan on my computer. However, here is what actually happens at 2:00am each morning. 1) The Ad-Aware SE Plus program opens. 2) Ad-Aware fails to automatically check for updates 3) Ad-Aware fails to automatically run a system scan. Basically, I have only accomplished being able to get the Ad-Aware program to open at 2:00am. I can't get Ad-aware to automatically check for updates at 2:00am or automatically run a scan at 2:00am. Using the Windows Task Scheduler, How can I program Ad-aware SE Plus to 1) Automatically check for updates at 2:00am and 2) Automatically run a system scan at 2:00am. Any help would be much appreciated. Sincerely, hbman
  4. Hi. I can't use the Windows Task Scheduler to program a scheduled scan. My goal is to have the following tasks occur at 2:00am every day. 1) Ad-aware automactically check for updates, and 2) Ad-aware performs a full scan. I went to the Ad-aware help program. And I have tried using the command line parameters listed under the "Command Line Parameters" section of the Indexed help menu. I am using Windows XP SP3 In the windows task scheduler, in the "task" tab, I entered the following command on the line that says "Run" ad-aware.exe\update + full However, nothing happens when the task scheduler attempts to execute the task. Ad-aware doesn't open, and Ad-aware doesn't scan my computer either. It should be noted that the help section of ad-aware says to put a forward slash (/) before the word update. The help section states the command line should read ad-aware.exe/update + full However, my windows task scheduler will not allow me to place a forward slash in this location. My windows task scheduler automatically changes this forward slash (/) to a back slash (\) as soon as I click "apply." I'm not sure whether this has anything to do with the problem. One of the main reasons I purchased ad-aware Plus is because I am supposed to be able to schedule scans. However, so far I have not been able to sucessfully schedule a scan. Any help would be much appreciated. Sincerely, hbman