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  1. Did not work :-( McAfee still found some trace of Ad Aware SE Personal :-(
  2. Yes, I partially followed the advice (did not uninstall using Revo, but through Add/Remove Programs). Yes, I am trying to install McAfee Internet Security which is a suite and the VirusScan product is the one that seems to detect a conflict with AAW and it insists on its removal before installation. I could potentially do a custom install and leave out VirusScan but that would be somewhat useless :-) Yea, I know it is a stupid thing to have such a strict condition for the installation. I would have been ok if there were a warning that there may be conflict and still go ahead with the installation, but McAfee programmers seem to think otherwise :-(
  3. It is Windows XP Media Center Edition. I installed and uninstalled Ad Aware 2008 Free and it did not work. Of course, I uninstalled using Add/Remove from Control Panel and not Revo. Will Revo do anything different?
  4. I am trying to help my aunt with her computer. She had Ad-Aware SE Personal long long time ago and I was installing a new version of McAfee Internet Security for her when it detected that there was a conflicting program "Remove Ad-Aware SE Personal". I tried to look up how to uninstall the program because it was not there under Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs on Windows XP. I did the following so far: 1. Deleted the folders Lavasoft from Application Data 2. Deleted all references to "SE Personal" from the registry 3. Emptied recycle bin 4. Tried Eusing Free Registry Cleaner to clean up the registry 5. Tried Revo Uninstaller to check for uninstall of the program (it did not find Ad-Aware) 6. Tried Windows Installer Cleanup script and it too did not find the program But there seems to be some trace of the program still left behind. Any idea how I can clean it up?