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  1. Re YOUR question re: 2008 Ad-Aware free and NIS 2009 I will have to defer to the LavaSoft experts. I haven't any info re 2009 products - either LavaSoft or NIS and issues
  2. I know it sounds redundant - I do know that 2009 install will automatically remove 2008 versions but since you have the 2007 version I would get that version completely removed before the 2009 install which should also clean up any remnants as well. I have updated both from the 2007 and the 2008 versions to the 2009 on different computers with different versions of Windows and found that doing the cleanest install I could made for absolutely not one problem in the upgrades.
  3. It's been my experience that using the NRT after the routine uninstall thru ADD/Remove has resulted in no-hassle new installs.
  4. Run the NRT after you have uninstalled via Add/Remove. Yes, unplug yourself from the internet. Don't disable any NIS features before the uninstall. Let the uninstall and the NRT tools do that for you.
  5. Begin by disconnecting from the internet - You might want to copy your Symantec key to notepad before you start Remove 2007 VIA add/remove MAKE SURE that Windows Defender is disabled before you Remove via Add/Remove Reboot - Still offline Run REMOVAL tool. Reboot REMOVE Live Update via add/remove if still listed Reboot Run NRT again. Reboot Install NIS 2009 Use your OLD key when requested and THEN connect to the internet before validating. You'd be smart to get your Norton AC login info together just in case you need to access it after the new install. If you get stuck during this process - use another computer if possible and post back and I'll get you thru it. You shouldn't have any problems - the 2009 version is very user-friendly to install.
  6. Hi there ! Sorry it took so long to get back to you !! Can you tell me what steps you have taken so far and what other security apps are installed besides your Symantec products? This will help me get you thru this as cleanly as possible. Thanks ! -amy-
  7. I've asked for info from Symantec for you - hold tight
  8. Beginning with the 2006 versions upgrades to the newer products are free as long as you still have a current subscription. When the subscription expires you only need to renew the subscription and any upgrades to the product released during that 365 days are free. For example - If you had a 2006 version today you would have been able to upgrade in the past 365 days to the 2007 release, 3 version updates of that product and then the 2008 release. From this point forward you will only need to keep your subscription current each year and the new releases are included. As well, the licenses now allow the install on 3 computers per key.
  9. Get the RAM and have it installed where you buy it, I take it you're not in the US but most 'chain stores offer in-store install. It takes about a minute. Trust me, I did it on my first try years ago. You can order the Vaios from the SOnly Store in Costa Mesa CA and have it shipped. Great prices- have purchased 5 in past 6 months. Keep the desktop for your standby but keep it current. Today you need more RAM if you want to do projects, graphics, downloads etc all at the same time.
  10. :angry: SOny support should be able to verify the amount of ram that can be added to your model. I'll guess it'a another 512 module. They're dirt cheap and so easy to add to the Ram slotl. Be sure to buy the type of Ram module recommended for your version. I gto 512 ram for less than 30.00 at Fry's and 1024 sticks for close to 50 to add to 2 Sony Vaios not too long ago. Easy update. ABout the fan. Open up your tower and use one of those tools that blows out all the builtup dust and that should be preventive maintenance to extend the CPU fan. One tech I know told me long ago that the fans are generally cheapies that when they quit the uneducated user will just go out and buy a whole new system. Get one of those products that clean keyboards and use that to blow out the dust on the blades and any of the 'vents' that are sucking in the dust. You can always go and get your fan updated by a reputable computer shop or think about updating to a newer model and save the older model just to store info offline. Sony laptops with all the trimmings are going for 500.00 at the Sony store in South Coast Plaza. They allways have deals you wont find elsewhere. My computers are all on 24/7 most of them since 1994 and the worst that has happened is the fan replacement which BTW gave me a fan in there that was more like a jet engine than a CPU fan. It's still workin Upgrading your RAM and cleaning out the cobwebs should do wonders. -amy-
  11. First: The amount of disc space available according to disk defragmenter tells you that you have more than 1/2 the space left on your hard drive for use. NAV2008 uses significantly less resources than previous versions [especially 2003 - IMO it was the worst at using memory] Go to Control Panel Click System Icon There you should see the Processor info and the amount of RAM [memory] installed. You stated that your computer was about 4 years old I believe. I have a 2000 model Compaq desktop that once included NAV2003 and WinXP Pro with 512 of ram. It had no problems updating to newer NIS and NAV versions. I did however update the RAM to the max for that model to 1024 of RAM 2 years ago. The most reported problem with older computers occurs it seems due to CPU temps and cooling fans needing replacement or disk drive failure. This is why I suggested backing up your most important info to CD just in case one of those events occur. My Dec 1999 Compaq still does the job - although I have upgraded the fan twice in almost 8 years. -amy- :angry:
  12. System requirements NAV 2008 Windows® XP with Service Pack 2 Home/XP Pro/XP Media Center Edition Windows Vista™** Home/Home Premium/Ultimate/Business/Starter Edition 300MHz or faster processor 256MB of RAM 300 MB of available hard disk space Standard Web browser **Must meet minimum Windows Vista operating system requirements Platforms: Windows® XP Home/XP Pro/VISTA (Click here if you have an older version of Windows). Required for all installations CD-ROM or DVD drive Email scanning supported for POP3 and SMTP compatible email clients. Supported instant messenger clients AOL® – 4.7 to 5.9 Yahoo!® – 5.x and 6.x Microsoft® – 6.0 or higher Trillian™ – 3.1 or higher MORE: -amy- :angry:
  13. When you're ready to upgrade next month we can go thru it step by step. My advice for now is to back up any important files on CD in the meantime - such as school related or email, not because I think you'll have a problem with the change, just for your piece of mind. -amy-
  14. Run the untinstaller in Add/Remove first. THEN go thru the steps in the NRT tool remover. That's the cleanup utility to remove all remnants and registry entries. -amy-