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  1. After you did your reply I got a e-mail for the beta test version. I was just wondering if the was on what the different version are so I can pick the one for me? What I would like to see is a chart that shows the difference of each.
  2. I got to the the page that says my betas and my reports but that does not help unless I have the program. Will do I get it or is the beta testing closed.
  3. I singed up to for the beta and did not get it. I had to resing up and now get page not found. Did I miss the beta?
  4. parkd1

    Windows 8.1

    Is there a new version in the works that will work with Windows 8.1 when it comes out later this fall?
  5. What is new in this version?
  6. Can you check this out? Help is the web page for the program. 7+ Taskbar Thanks for you help.
  7. Think this a rare one and it did not happen to me all the time.
  8. I am running 32 bits. It pops up maximized. It does not do anything when it starts up.Checked and it is not checked to start scan on startup.
  9. It does not do it every time. Yes when I log into Windows and yes it is maximised. It should not pop up when I boot up the computer and their is only one user on the computer.
  10. This has happened twice now. When I have booted up the computer Ad-Aware had gone to maximize. How do I stop it from doing this?
  11. I had all most the same problem. When I had no copnnection amd got the red X and tried to click on it, it did nothing. A pop up should have happened. The only way to fix it was a reboot. Now that I have updated to the final and the latest that just came out it works like it should now. I do not have to reboot to get it back. Fixed it for me. Did not know that Ad-Ware cause it till I got the final and that was the only change I made.
  12. parkd1


    Just updated to the new version and it did not ask for a key. Yeah!!!!! both problems are fixed. Thanks.