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  1. Hello Atri OK thank you very much! It is quarantined and I am scanning the computer again now...... Marloes.
  2. Hi Dave, Thank you very much! I have attached the file and the scanlog. Marloes adaware_scanlog.txt
  3. I did scan the computer of a friend today with AdAware AE (the free version). It detected win32.Trojan.Agent in C:\WINDOWS\system32\LostRun.exe. But Avast, Malwarebytes, Windows Defender and Spybot do all NOT detect it. And I can not find any clear information on the Internet about a possible infection in this file. So I skipped the detection this time. Does anyone know whether this really is an infection? Or is it a false positive?
  4. Yesterday Ad-Aware AE Free detected a virus in sdhelper.dll from Spybot Search and Destroy on my mother's computer. My mother had problems with her computer, so I assumed this would be the cause. I turned off the SDhelper, uninstalled Spybot and let Ad-aware quarantine the object. But when I scanned my own computer later that night, Ad-aware again found a virus in the same file. Is this a mistake or can there really a virus in the file? AVAST, Malwarebytes' and Windows Defender do not detect it! I do not have any problems with my computer. To be sure I turned off the SDhelper, uninstalled Spybot and let Ad-Aware quarantine the file. I scanned again and then the same virus was found in a restore file. After quarantining that too, the virus was not detected anymore. But I have my doubts whether this really is a virus. Does anyone know?
  5. I did run the Spybot Resident and Teatimer with Windows Defender for serveral years and never had any problems, untill I upgraded Ad-Aware to the AE version yesterday. Now the problems are solved by turning off the Spybot Teatimer. The function of Ad-Watch Live! almost is the same I think. And I did not have any problems yet with running Windows Defender too. Windows Defender is a standard part of Windows Vista. And Ad-Aware AE was made to also run in Windows Vista. So I assumed running Windows Defender and Ad-Watch Live! together would be OK, but I am not sure.
  6. I have turned off the Teatimer on both computers now. That solves the problems in VISTA and indeed also makes everything work better in XP. So thank you very much! Running Windows Defender is OK?
  7. Thank you Raziel! I'll try and let you know. Although I wonder why Spybot would only cause problems to Ad-Aware in VISTA and not in XP. Sometimes computers are complicated . By the way: Is it OK to run the Ad-Watch live! with Windows Defender? That also has a realtime protection!
  8. I installed Ad-Aware AE today. On my Windows XP computer everything seems to work fine. But my Windows Vista computer (Toshiba laptop) kept starting slow after installing it. After Windows "Welcome" the screen turns black for a long time. I turned off Ad-Watch Live! and now the system starts up OK again. Does anybody know why this problem occurs? And how I can solve it, so that I can turn on the Realtime Protection? The security software on both computers is the same: Avast! Antivirus, PC Tools Firewall Plus, Spybot (Resident/Teatimer on) and Windows Defender.