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  1. adaware pro is not compatable with windows 7 you need a antivirus after alot of trial and error, this is what i did go to microsoft and you will see microsoft security essntials it is free antivirus and spyware protection, works very nice. and then your adaware pro will turn on by its self and work to remove spyware and malware. this is the only way i got it to work, i just wish i did not purchase a 3 year license because it is a waste of money when it will not work. so you need a antivirus before you use adaware pro so i do not think it has a true antivirus protection, but it does work to take out threats. so good luck i see alot of people here with the same issues. hope this helps. maybe some day they will work out the bugs in this stuff. to me adaware has always been number 1 until the last year.
  2. [quote name='casey_boy' post='113416' date='Nov 16 2009, 12:01 PM']Ah. Interesting. Thank you for reporting this. I will add it to the bug report. Casey[/quote] im running windows 7 pro. 64 bit and it does the same thing to me, it never comes on or updates by its self, i have to turn it on, you know click on action center and allow it to run. so i did some work on this and it came up that adaware pro is incompatable with my windows. i thought this would have been right by now. i have to use avg for free to have some protection and i paid for a 3 year license for adaware pro. i did a live chat with these guys and they were lost to. so were does this leave us who paid for a product that does not work.
  3. hello i have adaware pro and i have this problem i had vista and now have windows 7 and the same thing for both is driving me crazy. every time i turn on my computer a box comes up and tells me adaware is off do you want to allow it and i have to turn it on everytime. has anyone else figured this out yet. im at a loss i do not have anything else on my pc no antivirus or spyware NOTHING any help would be great. thanx in advance
  4. dont feel bad i have been a paid pro user and im in the same boat. it seems they are shoving this crap down our throats.
  5. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET THE ORIGINAL ADAWARE PRO 2008 THAT I PAY FOR?? i have been working on this for 2 hours and the same results it goes to one point and stays there i have let it go for 38 minutes and nothing and when i try to stop it my pc locks up. i paid for 3 year license about 8 month's ago and it worked well just takes a long time to do a quick scan 18 minutes. PLEASE GIVE US BACK THE ORIGINAL ONE
  6. i updated to the anniversay and bam my computer locks up every time. i have uninstalled it 2 times and the same results. can some one point me to the original adaware pro 2008 god i should have never updated, now i have nothing on my pc i took it off. im running windows vita ultimate 32 bit