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  1. I just want everyone to know that I appreciate everyone's comments and support. I continued to experience the problem but tried DAN65's solution of adding the Ad-Aware Key to the registry and it worked perfectly. Thank you Dan!
  2. GoddersUK: I am running Vista Home Premium/SP1. I am also running avast anti-virus, which I disable when installing AE. The Windows Firewall is also active. I have already installed AE on a WinXP machine and the install went fine. As a side note, when my install fails, when I re-launch the AE installer it asks if I want to 'Uninstall' the installation of AE. If I run it and uninstall AE it does uninstall it completely. Thank you for your help.
  3. I have been a user of Ad-Aware for several years. and have most recently been running Ad-Aware 2008 on my Vista notbook. I have just tried to install Ad-Aware AE and have repeatedly received the following error message: Runtime Error in Setup Script: Line 558: Failed to set data for 'DisplayIcon I have tried to uninstall using Revo, Windows Installer Cleaner, CCleaner, etc, but no success. Any assistance would be most helpful. Thank you.