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  1. I resorted to re-installing my son's pc too as I couldn't do anything anymore. Pc is working fine now and he doens't use Ad-Adware SE anymore until we know what the cause was in the 1st place.
  2. Hi, hope somebody can help! My wife has the same problem a month ago and we resorted to re-installing her pc and not to use your product anymore and the pc is still fine. Now our 22 year old son has the same problem. He updated the definitions, ran Ad-Adware SE again, rebooted and the pc takes over 15 minutes to come to the full screen with icons and Internet Explorer won't work saying there is some TCP/IP problem, although some of his online games still work. We all used Windows XP Professional before with all Windows updates installed. My wifes pc is back to Windows XP Home now, although I am still running the Professional version. Our 22 year old son is running professional aswell, but I am thinking of re-doing he pc aswell and install a XP home version ... What is causing this as my wife lost a lot of data and so will our son! I browsed the forum but only could find ONE simular topic with NO replies! Surely more people must have had the same problem!? Does anybody know what causes this and how it can be resolved without re-doing the whole installation of everything? Thank you in advance for the replies!