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  1. This forum is supposed to be for free users, and get problems solved. I have posted twice about the problem I have had with Anniversary Edition, to no avail. I would like to think that there is someone who can come up with a remedy for this problem. I would like to be able to message the people that actually make the program, as they may have some insight into the problem. I would buy this program but have no need for the antivirus, it is supplied by my ISP. Surely there is someone that can figure this thing out!
  2. Casey, Any luck finding any solutions to my problem? I have since downloaded and installed Anniversary Edition on my laptop and it runs just fine on there. They both run XP Pro SP3, the only differences are the laptop has Norton Anti-virus, and Spyware Doctor and my desktop has Bit Defender Internet Security, and Advanced System Protector for Spyware. Most of the other programs are the same on both. As soon as I installed AE on my laptop the download manager opened up and started finding updates, on my desktop, after installing, I am prompted to restart and then the program file is open after restart and nothing else happening. I click on most icons in the program file, most tell me I need plus or pro for that tool, so I close the program file or minimize it and click on the desktop icon and then get the error box telling me it cannot load the resource manager. I looked in regedit and cannot find anything for ad-aware or lavasoft in it, as far as resource manager, after uninstall is complete. I have tried to install with and without ad watch, always the same result. I am almost resigned to just use 2008 and be done with it. Seems a little cumbersome for just an updated version, but I would like to know where the problem lies and why its doing this.
  3. I have used Ad-Aware personal for a long time and have loved the ease and reliability of it. I have downloaded the anniversary edition, went just fine, installed it and after the restart, it won't open. I get an error message "cannot load resource manager" every time. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it three different times, each time using a new download site to see if it was the download, same result every time. I since reinstalled 2008 and it works fine. I would however like to try this new updated version with all the good reviews on the web. Please, someone tell me what is the problem. Like I said, I have never had any problems with the Ad-Aware programs.