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  1. I did run it again, directly after I discovered it but it was the same. however, I did a scan just a minute ago when I started up my system again, and now it was faster...about 5min. But still very slow at "critical areas", although faster this time... I noticed that ad-aware doesn't use any cpu at all, nothing! is that right? I really don't know whats causing this...could it be Norton?
  2. I installed Ad-aware ae last week and I really liked the fast smart scan! it took about 3 min to scan my machine. I did a couple of scans last week (all smart) and they both took 3 min. Today I started one and it just went on...over 10 min went by. Ultimatly I stoped it becasue I had other things to do and was expecting a 3min scan... what has happened? it scans fast and nice until it reches "critical areas" (or what its called) and when it does it starts to scan one object per second... so what has happened? is it an update that has screwed things up? (note; I'm running norton antivirus 2009)