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  1. [quote name='visitor' post='122704' date='Sep 18 2010, 08:08 AM']The new features started with the free version 8.3. You can download prior versions from filehippo.com - the main page will have the current version, with prior versions listed on the right side. Prior free versions had only Ad-Watch processes protection, which you can turn off for on-demand scanning only.[/quote]Geez, thanks, that's great visitor, I knew this hippo thing for some time now and used it occasionally, but in fact I never realised that it kept old versions. Better than going through the difficulties to obtain it from the original website. BTW for all those that listen. It's not because a manufacturer of a software is good in one thing that it automatically is good in all the things it makes.
  2. I would like to DL a free Ad-aware version without all the things that it comes with today like antvirus, firewall etc. Just on-demand scan for spyware and malware. Like it used to be for many years b4 the new AIO was launched. How do I get the basic Ad-aware. And with the possibility to disable the ad-watch, if it comes with it. How do I get it ?