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  1. ... or using the firewall to block such a service AAWService.exe?
  2. I'm sorry, but the appropriate key (HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software) Lavasoft item really is not. By the way, we could not definitively resolved by renaming or moving items AutoLaunch.exe from the directory Program Files/Lavasoft/Ad-Aware?
  3. It is probably a joke, but after uninstall, restart and reinstalling AdAware (in the WinXP registry) in HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software missing item Lavasoft / AdAware at all! This is already beyond my mental strength... (You feel me "move").
  4. Ask me what the registry change that annoying box disappeared, then it will not be a problem. Thanks!
  5. My OS is Windows XP Pro (32bit). It would be great if programmers have worked ...
  6. The window appears every time after running AdAware. (A propos, if they cannot using AdAware 10 along with Avast, will have bound afraid after 12 years to say goodbye with AdAware, Avast - in no one case - then can not replace ...)
  7. Mean eGLSplashScreen in attachment. How to get rid of it? Thanks.[attachment=9409:ad.jpg]
  8. And one more question - how to banish of pesky eGLSplashScreen (click on "Remind me later" somehow does not work ...). Many thanks!
  9. So I'm sorry, I can then use the new version of Ad-Aware, but I have to stay with the elderly 9.6. With the programmers will not do anything? Avast is is very powerful and reliable anti-virus program, and a combination of both would be a very powerful tool.
  10. I´ve the same problem. Software is already up to date !?
  11. Hi Cecilia, why Lavasoft in overview of version control (see Security Center / Definition File Updates) does not have a version number? It would be easier than just a date. Thanks for information.
  12. Unfortunately, not working not even built-in function, after a few seconds after starting the Download Manager all Ad-Aware crashes. (Thanks for note)
  13. Hi Cecilia, afraid still does not work, download speeds are close to zero. It does not work nor direct download (from the address http://www.lavasoft.com/single/mirror_download.php?f=UdGW2BN3).
  14. I have the same problem - definition file download speed is almost zero (I have a download speed of 120 Mbps), and at last it all falls down. Nor would re-install Ad-Aware. What to do please?
  15. Hi Cecilia, interestingly, after today's update file was 150.667 (from 21.12.) replaced by the "new" file 150.666 (...) of today's date. He started New Year's Eve?
  16. Hi Cecilia, so it was that was not available new definition file. I thought that I update does not work ... Now everything is OK. Anyway, many thanks for the advice!
  17. Dear Cecilia, thanks for the advice! Ad-Aware I uninstalled (with RevoUninst. in advanced mode) and installed again. But the problem remained, after a running actualisation of the definition file remained in the main window old ordinal number (150.602 from last week). There was thus updating correctly or not? That´s the question! What to do?
  18. To previous question: it is possible to not change the date and version updates? Where can I find the current set of definitions? Is located in directory .../Documents and Settings / All Users / Aplication Data / Lavasoft / Ad-Aware / defs / ... it file core.aawdef? Thanks for explanation!
  19. Can you tell me why after update to 9.6 version do not read the new definition files? It is not even a direct file download (AutoUpdate), neither by force of import. I tried it manually (according to the instructions from this forum), but there still remains the same - 150.602 from 27.10. (SecurityCenter Lavasoft introduces a new version of 28.10, unfortunately no version number...) Thanks for the advice!
  20. I use a paid version of Ad-Aware Plus AE and it does not work as well. Why? Everything is set up correctly (in the firewall - allow).
  21. Dear friends, please advice - I use Ad-Aware Plus Anniversary Edition 2009, and despite the fact that I have correctly configured to automatically update, the program does not update itself, this is possible only by hand (with click the 'Web Update' button only). What should I do? Thanks for the advice.