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  1. i'm not really sure how to do that. i looked through options and tools and didn't see anything specific to what you were talking about. i did try hunter mode and went through an advanced removal process and it took a while, said it was completely removed, and after i restarted it it still shows it as a program i have on the computer and still says could not open Install.log file. i think it may have removed the newer version of adaware instead.
  2. i tried revo and unfortunately that did not work - this is what it says even when i tried revo: could not open Install.log file. i tried running ccleaner, doing a disk cleanup, and going through control pannel add/remove programs. would it help to delete the lavasoft file that is associated with se. the only problem is that i'm really unsure of which files are associated with the anniversary edition and which ones are associated with se, since they seem to have been combined when installed.
  3. I have had ad-aware se for some time and then forgot about it on my computer. in trying to delete it from my computer i get the same message a lot of people are getting the message couldn't find the install log. my problem is simply that i want to rid my computer of ad-aware se personal. i have downloaded ad-aware anniversary edition and plan on using this version but i still want to get rid of se personal. so any help or advice would be appreciated.