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  1. I, too, am having problems uninstalling Ad-aware SE Personal. McAfee also is the reason for my need to unistall. I went to "Add/Remove" and clicked on Ad-aware. Each time a window titled, "Wise Unistall", opens. The window says, "Could not open INSTALL.LOG file." Below is an "OK" button to click on, which just closes the window. So I next clicked on the Ad-aware icon on my desktop, and it opened telling me that I had not checked my Ad-aware for updates in over 700 days. I then clicked on the update and downloaded the latest version (SE 1R 332 02.02.2009), hoping that the uninstall wizard would also be updated or fixed. However, the uninstall wizard still does not appear. After reading the posts here, I did a disk cleanup and eliminated all temporary files. This did not resolve my issue either. Can anyone help me get the uninstall wizard in order to get rid of this software, please? Thank you.