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  1. On Feb. 3, I ran a ful system scan using my free Adaware program. Whenever I do this, I always arequest deletion of all virus or cookies found, and they apepar to be gone upon next startup. Lst night I checked the log; said viruses had been removed. But I checked "stats" and it showed (cumulative for all 13 scans): Total inectoins detected 930. Total infections removed 485. Total inections quarantined -0- Total items ignored: 123 QUESTIONS: 1.Why would the system not delete the other 445 infections? 2. I've never requested any items to be quarantined? Does the system do this automatically? 3. How can I be sure that the system deletes all the viruses as I request? (Note: I do updates frequently, so program's virus codes should be up-to-date) Thanks.