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  1. I don't really care what you use mate!!! By the looks of what you have on your system you must have more Anti Spyware programs than anything else!, and I don't think you bought it just for that.
  2. Well I would like to say that when I used to have both SAS and Ad-Aware on my system I found that both found the same amount of tracking cookies each time, and I use SAS now due to Lavasoft ceasing support for ME and 98. SAS for me anytime.
  3. As I have said previously just jump ship and use SAS http://www.superantispyware.com/index.html
  4. Lavasoft don't care about 98 or ME any longer, so it's a complete waste of time hanging around when there are other vendors that actually care about older systems unlike Lavasoft. All the best to you and the others that have participated in this and other related threads. :angry:
  5. I only ever got rating 3 cookies when scanning anyway. I personally think (SAS) Superantispyware is a far superior program anyway, so I am not too bothered about this loss. I hope you don't get problems with AdAware 2008 when installing, updating, and scanning. :angry:
  6. I would just like to say I have had enough of AdAware with all those file problems as it has happened many times before. AdAware S.E now uninstalled from 98 S.E Happy now Lavasoft??? :angry:
  7. I would say that after reading all in this thread that your suggestion seems the most likely.
  8. Or better still Superantispyware over at http://www.superantispyware.com/index.html Version 4.1.1046 works extremely well for 98 and ME users.
  9. I agree with you. I suggest that you look here and download the latest version 4.1.1046, it supports older systems too unlike this Lavasoft rubbish software! Try this and report back. http://www.superantispyware.com/index.html
  10. Why is this def file update and the others within the past week all corrupt for win 98 S.E? Infact why have these updates avilable if AAS.E Personal is no longer supported? SE1R252 20.05.2008
  11. I and others like you have the very same problem. I just wish somebody from Lavasoft would tell us that we are now wasting our time with this! Manually updating for this version the way we all did it worked not that long ago, so something they have done must have caused this. Please don't just tell us it's because AdAware SE Personal is no longer supported because we know that already, but we were still able to update the defs and they would work, but not any longer! Anyone from Lavasoft kindly inform us please???
  12. Looks like they have written something in the file that stops it from working for Windows 98.
  13. I am using Ad-Aware SE Personal, file version - on Windows 98 S.E
  14. No, it's not an ISP issue, but thanks anyway. I am able to download and extract the file, but when I start the program I get that error message. Me thinks that Lavsoft have noticed the trick way to get this updated for users of the old AdAware S.E, and they may have added something to the files now that will stop the old program from working. One thing I forgot to mention is I use 98 S.E, and that is why I am using the older release. Not to worry tho, I also have Superantispy (SAS, and that works a treat and captures most of what Ad-Aware can do, oooops, sorry for the plug, lol