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  1. I checked my services and there is no Ad-Aware or Lavasoft running. I also had my task manager open and tried to launch As-Aware and I could see the service start and the .exe show up on the processes tab, but the service went away almost immediately and the .exe went away when the "loading" page stopped.
  2. I am an admin on the system yes. I have Norton Internet Security 2009 and Spybot SD Resident also running.
  3. I am running XP. When I try to launch the application, either from the desktop icon or from my Programs list, a window opens and says that the application is loading and then it just goes away. There is no trace that the applicaiton is running anywhere in the background.
  4. I recently upgraded to Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition (free) the download process went exxtremely smooth, however I cannot get the application to launch....Any ideas?