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    Web Update 8.2.4

    [quote name='visitor' post='120077' date='Jun 7 2010, 06:35 PM']I forgot, you'll also see registry changes when changing settings on Windows and some software programs. But, yes, generally if you're doing something intentionally, it's OK to allow it, but coming out of nowhere like surfing the web it's not OK. Don't bother looking around for the old Pro version - all the files look the same as the free version. The serial number info is embedded somewhere in a license file, so not really visible. One other thing to note, the Free version does not include anti-virus so you may want to install a free version of Avast or AVG anti-virus. AVG has a Link Scanner which is similar to Ad-Aware's Network Protection, and the definitions get updated frequently. My other recommendation is to install the free version of Sandboxie. It opens your browser in an envirionment isolated from your main system (a sandbox). After you're done, you can delete the sandbox, and it's like you were never online. I've known 1 person who still caught a virus, but it's much more difficult when running sandboxed. The only problem may be downloading and saving pics or files from web-based email like Yahoo or Gmail, in which case you want those to be saved to your system and not kept in the sandbox.[/quote] Just a little note and quick questions - I have and run Norton 360 - doesn't it have the same advantages as Avast or AVG anti-virus? And I looked into Sandboxie, and it sounds real good, except I do download and save pics from Yahoo and Windows Live Hotmail. Yes, it does seem to have lots of info, instructions, etc. I will definitely look into it more thoroughly. And you said you use it, right? Great. Ummmm, what did you think of Help/Instructions for running AdAware Pro - are they understandable by a person like me? I mean thorough and easy to understand and follow? Would they replace the need for Sandboxie? I do save alot of e-mails (from know senders, of course) and songs, pictures, videos and things to post on my facebook page - will Sandboxie infere with this? And, running Windows XP, I read one report that it caused Sandboxie to stop working without upgrading to a newer version (that was is April 2010 - what do you think about that? I know Adaware or Norton scans all my downloads before allowing me to save them and I get a message saying they're clean, and then I save them to my desktop and install them from there so I can check again (oh, and set a System Restore point, also). I'm sorry if I'm pestering you, and please feel no obligation to answers any of this; I know you're very busy. But, please know how much I apprecate all the help and advise - if you could only know how much. Anyway, thanks again, and if you're interested, we could be "Friends" here at Adaware (I've never done that before). Well, thanks again, again and take care of yourself. Sorry to glam on to you so.
  2. stobk

    Web Update 8.2.4

    [quote name='visitor' post='120074' date='Jun 7 2010, 05:31 PM']Aha, so you had the Pro version - if the license was still valid, that could explain why you had access. You see, the installer for Free, Plus, and Pro is the same - when you plug in the serial number, it unlocks the Plus or Pro features. So, if you had Pro and then installed 8.2.3 Free over it without uninstalling first, then it retained your serial info. If you uninstalled Ad-Aware then reinstalled 8.2.4 Free when you were trying to get it to work, then the serial info would have been lost during uninstall. One way to test this would be to plugin your old serial number into "Manage License" to see if it works, but don't do it if you want to stick with the Free version. Even with limited computer knowledge, it's better to have Pro if your license is still valid. Registry and Network protection are important, and that's why they charge for the extra protection. In general, registry changes should only be allowed when installing software (but as I said, I turn off Ad-Aware so it doesn't interfere). If you're surfing the web and click a link which results in a registry notification, that's usually a bad thing and should be denied. Network protection is really a no-brainer. They merely have a blacklist of IP addresses/websites which are blocked if you try to surf there. It shouldn't affect legit web surfing, but if for some reason it does, then you can allow it.[/quote] Wow, I had no idea. That would have been a good selling point or idea to get me to keep pro, especially since I'd already spent the money. (oh, I did completely uninstall Pro, because I promised I would and they sent me a refund, and that was about 2 yrs. ago, anyway). I will look around and see if there's any trace of it anywhere on my computer (but you know me, I'll do what I'm able). I have to say I've learned alot more about how my computer operates from you all (doing workarounds, reading posts, etc.) and I appreciate that. So, if I'm importing or adding a program (from a disc, etc.) that I trust, I would have allowed that, but if I was just looking around the web and something tried to load, that would be a bad thing, huh? For instance, my toolbar (at start) seems to reset itself every couple of days for some reason. Is there a tutorial or something I could investigate somewhere? I really like the extra protection and I got a great deal with you all. Thanks to your help, I will reconsider and get it again when you all make a good offer. I can also get support right away if I pay for my subscription, can't I? That would be helpful (but you've been as great as I could want). So, thank you again and again. I'll just send you a little post if I get Pro again (is that improper?). I'll be sure to tell Lavasoft how helpful you've been (can I do that?). Sorry to keep asking questions; I'll let you alone now (with a grateful heart).
  3. stobk

    Web Update 8.2.4

    [quote name='visitor' post='120069' date='Jun 7 2010, 04:41 PM']LOL, you're funny. If I was hollering, I would have used "!!!!" or I was just asking why you'd need another post since we covered the Network and Processes questions here. Registry protection is not part of Free, only Plus and Pro, so if it was working, it was a glitch. I suspect it's a similar bug to Network where it say it's "ON" but is actually not active. The only way to tell would be to actually get a notification that something is trying to change the registry, but I usually only see that when installing software - and when I install software, I always turn Ad-Watch off so it doesn't interfere.[/quote] Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sorry, I guess I'm a little insecure when it comes to my computer knowledge. I apologize for misunderstanding your intent. Nuff said. I thought that was the case (the allowance of Registry, I mean) - it even gave me notices, asking me if I wanted to allow or block said registry start-up (one reason I gave up the Pro version - I don't have any idea what to allow and block). So, we're done and again, I thank you very much
  4. stobk

    Web Update 8.2.4

    [quote name='visitor' post='120050' date='Jun 6 2010, 08:02 PM']A new post for what? I've already reported the process rules problem and linked to this topic. BTW, this belongs in the 8.2 users forum, so I'm going to move it there to see if anyone else has the same problem.[/quote] Sorry, but please don't holler at me, I may be inexperienced, but I'm not a complete idiot. Or, maybe I am, I just reread my posts and I failed to mention that I used to have access to the REGISTRY rules and they are grayed out and unaccessible. The icon is showing Red, the button is green and I was able to access and "edit" the Registry rules - no longer (along with the other issues). I think I alluded to this, but failed to use the correct name. So, again, I guess I am a complete idiot, but please don't holler at me again. If this problem was addressed with the post (and I suggested that to see if anyone else would post to my post so YOU could see if anyone else had the same complaints), ignore this and I'll consider it settled and just not use my Ad-Watch live stuff like I did before the upgrade. Thank you.
  5. stobk

    Web Update 8.2.4

    [quote name='visitor' post='120047' date='Jun 6 2010, 04:53 PM']The Ad-Watch Live! Processes module is available on all versions, so you should be able to edit the rules. I've started a bug thread for Lavasoft, but since 8.2.4 was just released, not sure how many complaints have been filed with the paid users support. Just to be sure, make sure you're in advanced mode (bottom left corner) when you try to access the Ad-Watch Live! settings.[/quote] Well, I was able, but unable to now - even in the advanced mode (which I keep it in all the time - more control). Should I post a new "general suppott issue"? Thanks for the update and I'll keep an eye on things.
  6. stobk

    Web Update 8.2.4

    [quote name='visitor' post='120038' date='Jun 6 2010, 02:40 AM']There's a bug with Network Protection - it's only available with Pro, but the GUI shows it's "ON" with lesser versions like Plus, which my friend has. I've already reported it to Lavasoft, but it looks like they haven't gotten around to fixing it. When it's working, it blocks connection to blacklisted IP addresses. If you want to test it, you can try IP in your browser. It's pulls up a blank page, but Ad-Aware blocks it and you'll see a tray area notification if Network protection is indeed working.[/quote] That's great, and thanks for the info., but what about Processes? That was also turned on (saying ON and Red button enabled) and I had access to the "edit files" rules. Is that not free and I just got it with 8.2.3 as a glitch? As I said, I'm running AdAware Free (the advanced Plus and Pro were too technical for me, sorry - I tried, but not for me). The Processess will not allow me access to the "edit files" rules anymore. I used to be able to say which processes that ran were "allowed", ignored" or "blocked" and now I can't. Again, is this something I just got working for free as a glitch with the last upgrade, and not available on the Free version of Adaware, 8.2.4? Thanks, again, for all your help. Sorry if I wasn't clear in my last request.
  7. Finally, I was able to upgrade to 8.2.4 from 8.2.3 after several days of trying. It turned out to be an Update not a definitions problem. Solved, and all is good, except: When I updated to 8.2.3, I had access to Ad-Watch Live, Processes and Network. They were not grayed out and I could access the "edit rules" option. Instead of just having access to AdWatch Live, the buttons were turned on for Processes and Network (not Files) and I could edit said rules. I do have Adaware Free and didn't have access to the Processes and Network buttons at 8.2.1, but did after upgrading to 8.2.3. Then when updating to 8.2.4, the buttons are still turned on saying "ON' in green and the Red symbols are showing red and no longer grayed out. I also had access to the rules for the above things. Did I get something working for free by accident - or are they supposed to be switched on, but I don't have access to them (the "edit rules") anymore? I'm running Windows XP3 media edition, IE8, AdAware and Norton 360. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
  8. [quote name='visitor' post='119998' date='Jun 4 2010, 03:12 PM']Definition updates are listed here: [url=""][/url] Now that Lavasoft has fixed the update server problem, you might not need to manually update definitions. You can either drop them directly into the Ad-Aware Defs folder or, like monxx77, you might find it easier to use the import function: [url=""][/url] You can also manually download and update the definitions file. 1. Download from [url=""][/url] 2. Extract the file (core.aawdef) directly to the Ad-Aware folder, either: XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Defs Vista: C:\Program Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Defs [b](note: You can also go to, update->settings and click 'import' browse to where you have saved (core.aawdef), select this file then click 'open' and 'ok'.)[/b] 3. Close and restart Ad-Aware from the System Tray icon.[/quote] Ok, me again. I did as above, found the core.aawdef file, tried to open it, but got error message that Windows cannot open this file and to pick from a list or let Windows decide how to open the program. Clicked cancel. What did I do wrong - I followed every single idea you've all had. Will try to Web Update/Def. Update again later or tomorrow. See how it goes.
  9. Ok. Now i think we're getting somewhere - I have discovered that it is the UPdate that keeps screwing everything up. The new definitions load and then it starts the update and then I get "Connection Error, check your settings". Had the same problem with going from 8.2.1 to 8.2.3. For that problem, I kept clicking the Update Now (as opposed to Update Later choice when it popped up) and after trying all kinds of workarounds you (Visitor) gave me which didn't work; one day it just Udated just fine. But, of course, the definitions don't load either, so there you go. Can you help me, please with more specific details as what to do? Or should I just keep trying and someday it might work? Also, I no longer have access to my 8.2.3 updated options (ex. Ad-Watch Live, AW Registry and AW Network). They all say they're turned on, but I can no longer acccess my Registry to "set access rights" anymore, although it lists recent objects. Please help, I'm not at all "smart" about this stuff, but love having the protection. Thanks. [quote name='visitor' post='119957' date='Jun 3 2010, 09:31 PM']Did you read the instructions for manual update? Downloading the definition file and extracting to the Ad-Aware defs folder does not involve Ad-Aware's connection to the internet or running it in another OS compatibility mode.[/quote] Absolutely, and I tried them, too. Please see my reply to your post: I think it's the new Update your're having problems with, because that is exactly the problem. And the date doesn't advance saying my computer has the latest definition files, so I'm pretty sure they're not getting through either (along with the new Update). Thanks and please see below. PS - I just tried to get the Web Update from the Start-All-Programs AdAware, etc. and it hangs up at the same place (at the Sedona file). Don't know if that helps or not, but that is why my I can't get my definitions updated. I read how you do that manually, but I'm afraid I still don't understand the directions. Please help. Thanks [quote name='visitor' post='119942' date='Jun 3 2010, 03:57 PM']Maybe it's just a temporary glitch with today's definitions. Let's see if Friday's definitions work, and if not, I'll report it in a bug thread here so they'll see it Monday. In the meantime, here are the instructions for manual update: [url=""][/url][/quote] Did this. No help. [quote name='visitor' post='119957' date='Jun 3 2010, 09:31 PM']Did you read the instructions for manual update? Downloading the definition file and extracting to the Ad-Aware defs folder does not involve Ad-Aware's connection to the internet or running it in another OS compatibility mode.[/quote] I just getting the hang of this "quote" thing. Yes I read the instructions, etc. and tried all the ideas including the "IF you get "connection error" click here (underlined in blue). None of them did a thing. I was just adding that as more information. Please see my other posts as to the problem seeming to be when the Update switches from Def. Update to Web Update (at the Sedona file) - this is when I get the connection error. Sorry for all the posts, just want to solve my problem and I'm not at all good at a computer (but I love mine, anyway). Thanks.
  10. [quote name='visitor' post='119942' date='Jun 3 2010, 03:57 PM']Maybe it's just a temporary glitch with today's definitions. Let's see if Friday's definitions work, and if not, I'll report it in a bug thread here so they'll see it Monday. In the meantime, here are the instructions for manual update: [url=""][/url][/quote] I tried this, went to the getting connection error message link, tried all the possibilities (even tried the compatability change even though I didn't have Windows XP2 oe 3 as a choice) and none of them did any good at all. Big waste of an afternoon. Sorry, but thanks for the ideas.
  11. [quote name='monxx77' post='119936' date='Jun 3 2010, 03:22 PM']Exactly the same problem over here! Since yesterday the update download blocks half way, when reaching the VipreBridge.dII.file.Iznma size 60kB. The connection error pops up and here it ends. Otherwise Ad-Aware runs just fine without the latest update. I uninstalled my 8.2.3 version, downloaded the 8.2.0 version again. Installed it. And here we go again. Same problem! Seems your latest update has a mistake may be related to vista?[/quote] So glad I'm not the only one with this problem. Thanks for posting - wonder if we'll get any help. It sure is frustrating, I know. Not being a "computer geek" by any means, I need real help with details specific to the problem. Hope we get help soon.
  12. [quote name='LS Padraig An Ollainn' post='119914' date='Jun 2 2010, 02:43 AM']Hi, Probably best to troubleshoot this with Lavasoft Support directly as a Pro license user: [url=""][/url] thanks.[/quote] [quote]I am unable to use Web Update on June 3, 2010 without getting "connection error, check your settings". I tried the 3 workarounds in the Help center, but none of them worked (I didn't have the option of choosing Windows XP). I'm using Adaware 8.2.3, Free, on Windows Media Edition, XP3, IE8 (couldn't change the compatability view - didn' have Windows XP choice and others didn't work anyway) with Norton 360 and, of course, AdAware Free 8.2.3.[/quote] I had to do the manual upgrade when going to Adaware 8.2 and it's been running fine until today. I'm not a very experienced computer user, so I really need help. I like the new features in 8.2.3 and want to keep using them - what can I do? If you want me to try downloading the web update manually, please give me explicit steps to take. Thanks for your help stobk
  13. [font="Palatino Linotype"][/font][size="3"][/size] I, too, am having trouble updating to the new Adaware update. I was given a work around to save it to my desktop and then load it, but with all the troubles everyone still seems to be having, I'm putting it off. Does anyone recommend updating now, or do you all think I should wait until the bugs are worked out? Thanks.
  14. [quote name='visitor' post='117190' date='Feb 22 2010, 03:20 PM']Save the installer to your desktop instead and execute it from there. Better yet, it's usually better to do a clean uninstall first either manually or using Revo Free Uninstaller (, then download and install 8.2 from here: [url=""][/url] Note: if you look around here, 8.2 still has some bugs you may need to contend with even if the upgrade is successful.[/quote] Thanks for the help - though I think I'll wait until they get the bugs out of 8.2 and then I'll try you're idea. Much appreciated.
  15. I'm using Windows XP pro, SP3, IE8, on a Dell Inspiron E1705. When I open AdAware, I get the flash to upgrade to AdAware 8.2. I click on Update Now, am switched to another page, click Download, then I'm asked if I want to open, save or cancel; I click open. The installation process begins and runs smoothly. I close that box. Then I'm asked if I want to run or cancel the installation; I click run, but nothing happens. The Run button won't work. I followed your advice of updating using Web Update, but when I go to About on the AdAware main page it still lists as AdAware 8.1.4. I tried using Web Update and then restarting my computer, but that didn't work either. Any help or suggestions? Oh, when I go to my program tree, under AdAware, there is a file named CrashDumps. I don't remember seeing that before trying to update to 8.2.