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  1. A week and some 40 (?!) updates later and I've uninstalled Ad-Aware. It has grown beyond the on-demand anti-spyware scanner I've used it for for years. The current update mechanism just doesn't allow me to use it that way anymore. It's now more like, demand now, wait for it, then use it. Instead of the quick update and scan it was good for. And I have a good firewall and anti-virus combo already, so I don't need a second. Finally, I still have SpywareBlaster and Spybot and I never have malware issues in the first place, so Ad-Aware won't be missed terribly.
  2. [quote]I'd much rather have daily updates than no update for a week or two.[/quote] Oh, of course, but there is a difference between 150 updates for a month and 30. Especially if it takes ages to apply them all.
  3. Still the same here as well. An additional thought I'd like to discuss, the amount of updates. I recently updated my mom's netbook after my parents came back from vacation. Last update was a month ago, right before they left. It had to apply 150+ updates?! 150 for four weeks?! Suffice it to say, it took hours. We're talking about a very modest netbook after all, but still... Sitting behind a relatively new computer now, Core i5 650, updated it a week ago, it's now applying 40 (?!) updates. Which gives me plenty of time to type this message... Ad-Aware/Lavasoft is the new Norton.
  4. What would we do without the search feature... I'm glad I found this thread! The last couple of weeks I've noticed that at certain sites I would suddenly no longer be logged in. I do use CCleaner regularly, but use its functionality to "keep" certain cookies. Which has worked flawlessly over the years. It wasn't until today that I finally linked this problem to Ad-Aware. I just did a smart scan and removed two ad cookies. But it does indeed look like all cookies were deleted, at the usual sites I'm now logged out and/or log-in information has been forgotten. This is very annoying and I hope you and/or Lavasoft can look into this, and fix it, quickly.
  5. [quote name='feising' post='122086' date='Aug 26 2010, 04:35 PM']I have version 8.3.1 running on XP and Win 7 (laptop) and it intolerably slow. Today, it took me 18 minutes for the update to complete. If it does not improve I will have to delete it. Is it possible to get Ad-Aware without the AV portion?[/quote] Running 8.3.1 here on W7 and it has not gotten any better. As in my earlier report, the update check (even with no new updates available) and application of updates take minutes and minutes and minutes.
  6. [quote]Ad-Aware 8.3.0 is the SLOWEST for update[/quote] You can say that again. I only manually update AA and it doesn't look like the actual downloads are taking a long time (I have a fast cable connection as well), it's the initial "update check" (even if there are no updates) and the application of downloaded updates/definitions.
  7. Just a little update, I am now running Windows 7 Home Edition, 64-bit. A clean install. I've also installed Ad-Aware and the icon is showing. I'm using the exact same settings as I did on XP. Still not a step closer to figuring this one out. Maybe it has something to do with Windows Services, I still have those at default values in 7.
  8. The reason I asked is that this page does not mention Windows 7... And that's the first time I have looked at the user manual. Well, guess that's a "go" for Ad-Aware for now.
  9. Now that Windows 7 has been officially released, I feel we can discuss Windows 7 support. Don't think there's any official mention of this, if there is, it has been well hidden. I doubt Lavasoft would release a new version of Ad-Aware so close to 7's release without having tested it on 7, so I was wondering just how well it works or not... Personally, I will be "upgrading" from XP to 7 64-bit.
  10. I did some searching around the boards before I started this thread and I already tried the things listed there. I read the thread again though and perhaps we are focussing on the wrong thing, that the icon is not appearing. The real issue, at last to me, appears to be that the tray app is not being triggered to run. Because when it runs, the icon appears just fine. I dunno.
  11. Well, completely default installation, no settings changes, no icon... I click on AAWTray.exe in the Ad-Aware folder, icon appears...
  12. Great minds think alike. I did do exactly what you suggested, but unfortunately with the same results. And I checked this time and the installation does not seem to create a run key for the tray app. I used default settings, no icon, back to my own settings, no icon. I'm starting to wonder, if this is somehow related to AE. I had major issues with it. The web update button didn't work and the tray icon disappeared on me after applying an update back then. Especially the former problem has been well documented. At the end I removed it for good until this new 2010 version, which really works well, except for the icon. Perhaps there is some leftover problem, I don't know. Either way, once I manually run the tray app when Ad-Aware and the service are already running, the icon shows up as expected. Your suggestions assume the tray app is added to a run key. But it shouldn't have to be. At the end only Lavasoft knows how the tray app should behave and only they can add some additional checks... I wish they would chime in on this one. I think I'll use the Revo Uninstaller and remove Ad-Aware one more time, then I'll do a completely default installation. But that's it. With AE I went through all this and then some, I'm not going there again. And I can only say the same thing so many times without it getting repetitive. Thanks for your help.
  13. Yeah, if Ad-Aware made one initially, I removed it for obvious reasons. Anyway, I mirrored your settings exactly and it does not work. AAWTray.exe starts when Windows starts, shuts down, I start Ad-Aware, Ad-Aware starts the Service, AAWTray.exe is not started, tray icon does not appear, while it is set to. As far as other settings are concerned, I use Ad-Aware in Advanced mode. Settings > Updates > Do not... Do not... Do not. Profile scans > only changed one thing, checked Close browsers when... Ad-Watch Live! (Remember, "driver" not installed during the installation process) > Notify me about all events, the rest is either unchecked or grayed out. Customize > grayed out, unchecked, checked, English, default. I'm all out of ideas.