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  1. This is a convoluted and time-consuming method, but I have figured out a way to tell if the update on the website is a new one, or one I've already downloaded. You can figure this out without having to download the whole update. I go into my Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE folder in explorer, and either hover the mouse over the latest 'DEF' file, or right click and check properties. I look at the size of that file. Then you go to the Lavasoft website, and once you get to the download mirror site, when the update file appears, it shows what size the file is. If it's the same size as the latest DEF file you have, you can just cancel the download. If the new file size is larger, then you know it's a more recent update. I know, this is ridiculous that we have to go through all this, and I can't understand why Lavasoft won't just put the date back on the update link. But until they do, I'll use this method, so I don't waste time downloading an update I already have installed!
  2. Yes, but just where can we find the latest link to the most recent update? The page that used to display the current SE definition update has this url: Now, there is nothing on that page about SE updates. Is there another web page we are supposed to find the update links on? rubybear