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  1. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='125414' date='Mar 8 2011, 07:42 PM']Yes, you should contact support. Your issues and questions are definitely something for support. Regarding item 4 it is possible that this is because a scan is done when the computer starts and that MSE was not doing that. Many antivirus programs scan the computer early during startup since most malicious programs are not running at that time and then it is easier to remove them.[/quote] Thanks for your help, CeciliaB!
  2. [quote name='yowan' post='125411' date='Mar 8 2011, 07:10 PM']Since I installed the Pro version 9.0.2(got it from the Official Cnet Giveaway), I noticed some strange issues with it 1. Ad aware will not automatically start when PC is started, the 3 processes are launched but the icon does not appear in the notification area. The only fix was to kill the processes and restart the Ad Aware service. I confirmed it on 2 PCs both running Win7 x64 2. When I switch from an Admin to standard account(Log Off) and when I come back the Admin account the Ad Aware icon disappears and I have to do the same steps mentioned above 3. How can I disable that Splash screen at startup? 4. A noticeable lag is seen(boot time is increased), this did not happen with MSE I tried to re-download the setup files and installing it by using Revo but issue is still there So is there any fix for that, I know that is it a user to user forum and the Ad Aware staff rarely investigate these type of rare issues but should I contact them using the customer support?[/quote] Hi Yowan, Thanks for your feedback. Could you help me to get more information for the first issue? 1. Is Ad-Watch turned on before reboot? (If the ad-aware icon is red in your tray area, that means it is on). 2. Did you install Ad-Aware with the account that has the problem or in another account? About the second issues. We will try to reproduce it on our testing machine and get back to you soon. To the third question, sorry you cannot disable the splash screen. For the last question. Do you mean the time during the windows splash screen? Or after you log into the system? Sometimes it could be slower, because ad-aware tries to scan the all the current process during startup. Also it can happen when there are other security products with real-time protection on. Please feel free to let me know if you need further information:) Regards, Zhe
  3. [quote name='martinsmithson' post='121396' date='Jul 20 2010, 11:07 AM']One more question, Zhe. As an alternative to the current DELAY PLAGUED Ad-Aware server(s) update problem(s), I tried installing the 97 MB Ad-aware 2007 / 08 / AE Definitions File 0149.0331/ 150.16 file ( Following the instructions, I unzip the file in my C:\documents and settings\All Users\application data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware directory. Unfortunately, no files are updated or installed with one exception > a new sub-directory named [b]consolidate_core_output[/b]. Any suggestions? Martin[/quote] Yes, as I mentioned above. The problem is from the extended engine, so simply replacing core.aawdef would not help. The Viper definition files are in extended folder. Regards, Zhe
  4. Hello Martin, Sorry for the late reply. I think we have found the cause for this issue. As you may know Ad-Aware switched to Viper last year and it seems it takes really long time to apply each incremental definition update, not matter how small they are. Therefore the update time is not depends on your download bandwidth. (The simple way to check it is to open your update.log file in ProgramData folder and compare the timestamps for downloading and applying operation.) Our developers are currently working with our partner on a better update solution and it should be fixed in 2 weeks. I apologize for all the inconvenience it may bring. Sincerely, Zhe Quality Assurance Department
  5. [quote name='taffy078' post='121431' date='Jul 22 2010, 03:35 PM']Out of interest, do you have any idea when the file/product numbers will be resolved, please? It's so that I can tell Secunia, and prevent other Secunia users flagging the same problem with them. Thanks[/quote] Hello Taffy078, We do not have a fixed date yet but I would expect the fix to be released in two or three weeks:) Again, thanks for all your help and information! Have a nice summer! Regards, Zhe
  6. Hello, I have submitted the issue. Thanks for letting us know. Have a nice day! Sincerely, Zhe
  7. [quote name='taffy078' post='121391' date='Jul 20 2010, 09:51 AM']I had AAW Plus, v 8.0.0. Lavasoft very kindly gave me a free upgrade to Pro yesterday, v 8.3.0. I use Secunia PSI and was puzzled why their scan didn't pick up v 8.3.0, so I asked them. They have replied: "It seems that AdAware has not updated the file information. The file version is and the product version is Obviously, none of these versions are correct." I've tried to find a way to contact Lavasoft but have had no success. By posting this here, will they get to know about the issue so that they can investigate it?[/quote] Hello Taffy078, Thank you very much for your information. Could you please attach a log file here? Regards, Zhe
  8. Hello CurlySue, I am sorry for the inconvenience it brought. I believe it is caused by a large definition update. Currently the only solution for it is to download the latest installer and install it again. (You can download it from, for example) And we are working on an alternative solution for it. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Zhe
  9. Hello Guys, We have just released a new installer to fix this issue. Please use the new installer instead, thanks! Regards, Zhe
  10. [quote name='Voltron' post='118323' date='Mar 26 2010, 01:37 AM']Hello: I have recently upgraded to Ad-Aware Plus 8.2.1 and have noticed that under the Ad-Watch settings detection layer, the Anti-Virus engine continues to re-enable, itself, while I have continued to disable it. A system reboot is not necessary for the Anti-Virus engine detection layer to re-enable itself. And, it appears that closing and reopening the GUI does not, necessarily, cause the Anti-Virus engine Ad-Watch detection layer to re-enable, itself. At this point, I cannot determine what is triggering this behavior. If you notice unusual or unexpected hardware overhead and you have elected to disable this Ad-Watch detection layer, go back into the settings and confirm if this has, indeed, re-enabled, itself. I have reported this to Lavasoft. I would be interested to know if others are experiencing this behavior. This is another reason why I am considering going back to version 8.0.8 or dropping Ad-Aware, altogether. Thank you.[/quote] Hi Voltron, Please update to 8.2.2 and see if the problem is still there. Thank you! Regards, Zhe
  11. [quote name='cyberlarry7' post='117209' date='Feb 23 2010, 08:51 AM']I don't know what the heck Lavasoft did when they created Ad-Aware version 8.2 - but it's turning out to be a real monster - acting just like a virus. Get a load of this --- I have Windows XP on my computer, and like many others, the new 8.2 version didn't work. So I have tried to Uninstall - and the thing is now fighting - not allowing itself to be Uninstalled. What's Going On? How do I get rid of 8.2???? I have tried to Uninstall / reboot / Uninstall several times, but my computer can't get it off. I went into C:Drive and began deleting each of the Ad-Aware folders individually - that worked until I came upon this one file in the Lavasoft Folder: [size=3]ShellExt.dll[/size][b][/b]. I couldn't delete it / Uninstall it. It's so strong - even File Assassin couldn't kill it. I keep getting a flag now: Access is Denied. Disk is full or write-protected or may be currently in use. I tried using my McAffee to oust it and got back a warning about BUFFERS - that this thing has now intertwined itself into my other programs and, if removed, may damage them. What in the world is this evil 8.2?????? Someone please tell me how to get rid of it without damaging my computer - I would be sooooooooooo appreciative! Thanks for your help!!![/quote] Hi Cyberlarry7, I am very sorry for the inconveniences Ad-Aware brought, but we suspect this issue is caused by another antivirus software. If both of the antivirus engines try to access the same file and prevent each other from touching it, there will be a deadlock. So maybe you can try to install Ad-Aware again, but without turning on McAffee antivirus protection; then uninstall Ad-Aware, still without McAffee antivirus protection and see if it works. Please let us know if there are more questions. Thanks! Best regards, Zhe
  12. [quote name='casey_boy' post='116926' date='Feb 18 2010, 11:19 PM']Hi, This issue has been reported to Lavasoft and a fix is currently being looked into. Casey[/quote] Thanks Casey! Hi Bob 001, Can you update your Ad-Aware and try again please? Thanks! We have released a new fix yesterday evening. Regards, Zhe
  13. [quote name='bliss007' post='116922' date='Feb 18 2010, 10:19 PM']Vista SP2 64bit with ESET ESS 4.2.22 Beta (they have finally fixed multiple issues after many denials). It very obviously its this build as I'm not alone with issues, just read this forum. I dream of the day you make a better product like Version 6 SE.[/quote] Hi again, I am sorry for the issue you encountered again. Currently we think it is a compatibility issue since Ad-Aware now has its own anitvirus engine as well and it may conflict with other antivirus products. We are working on solving this by either changing the software or adding feature that turns off certain modules easily so you can feel free to combine Ad-Aware with other similar products. But for now you can try to turn off file-access protection so that it will not conflict with ESET anti-virus. And we would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions as well! Best regards, Zhe
  14. [quote name='bliss007' post='116853' date='Feb 17 2010, 10:33 PM']I thought for once they actually made a good build ! It asked me to update and it downloaded real fast and started to update itself, then it closed but did not reopen and my whole PC was brought to a grinding halt. No real CPU or Memory use or even HDD use but PC was like it is under Prime 95+Memory Stress at the same time with a 30 second delay in anything opening you clock on. Eventually I got a black screen with only the mouse pointer working. I had to press the reset button and PC then would not boot to Windows at roughly the stage where Ad-Aware loads so it was stuck loading. I had to press the reset button again and boot to safe mode and use MSCONFIG to disable Ad-Aware and it started properly this time. This is a total joke, the whole version 7 and 8 are buggy crap.[/quote] Hi Bliss007, I am very sorry for the inconveniences it brought. Could you tell us which version of Windows you are using please? And was there any other anti-virus or anti-spyware products as well? Many thanks! Sincerely, Zhe
  15. [quote name='sandybeachs' post='116680' date='Feb 16 2010, 01:07 AM']hi guys hope i'm in the right area. just downloaded Ad-Aware Free Anti-Malware 8.2 when i try and log in i get [b]"FAILED TO CONNECT TO SERVICE"[/b] can anyone help..???? many thanks[/quote] Hello Sandybeachs, Could you tell us what version of Windows you are using please? Thank you! Regards, Zhe
  16. Software Update 8.1.2 Released November 18th, 2009 Change log: [list] [*]Fixed - Issue that registry rules are not saved in Ad-Watch. [*]Fixed - Crash after registeration. [*]Fixed - Minor issue with the scan progress bar. [*]Fixed - Process protection so that suspicious processes is blocked after timed-out. [*]Fixed - Scan freeze with Norton installed on the system. [*]Fixed - Hanging on startup for some users [*]Fixed - All notification will be suppressed when GUI is in simple mode. [*]Added – New Genotype definitions file format. [*]Added – New detection method targeted at rogues. [*]Added – Logging for users who’s scheduled scans are not saved. [/list]