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  1. I'm having the very same problems as everyone else, I've spent hours trying all the stuff suggested. Ad-Watch doesn't work AT ALL! I used the 2006 version and it was perfect. Stopped everything without me having to go through this rubbish. I've payed for a 2 year license.......that looks like a waste of money i think i'll ask for a refund too. No point keeping something that's not up to the job or as discribed!! I wonder if there is anybody on this forum that actually has Ad-Watch stopping cookies in real time Please post if you have........... Colin
  2. I'm having the very same problem. i asked through an email about this to Lavasoft and the reply was....... Dear Customer Update to the latest version from the Support Center: To download your software, log in, go to 'Your licenses'. This will list your licenses and you will find the download links below each valid license. Click the link and save it to your hard drive. Reinstall. Then, enable 'Use rules in user list' in Ad-Watch->General Settings->Notifications Kind regards, Lavasoft Support Team I've since done the above but now i've got 41 notifications to be dealt with, should i block them or accept them :angry: I don't know what to do................. I used Ad aware last year, it stopped nearly everything in real time. This years version isn't nearly as simple/effective I've bought a 2 year subscription, i'm beginning to regret it too........ So i'd quite like input on this too please Colin