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  1. Hey there, everyone. This time, I was hoping you could help me with a longtime problem of mine. The computer from where I'm posting this message - my brother's - has been slow for quite some time by now. The issue, here, is that there seems to be no actual reason for it to be this slow... Although Firefox windows (and every other program, I guess) works at normal speed, when I try to play videos (either Youtube ones or actual DVDs) or Flash content, they are terribly slow, lagging, etc. The computer specs are: Pentium 4, 3 Ghz 1 GB RAM Hard Drive: 150 GB (50 GB free, in two partitions) OS: Windows XP, SP3 Right now, CPU is at around 14% and FP usage is at 350 MB. The only open program is Firefox, but Ad-Aware and Avast processes are started, for protection, and the computer is still slow when it comes to the aforementioned content. Here are some of the things I've tried to do in order to fix the problem: 1- Scandisk, followed by a disk defrag 2- Scan for virus/spyware using Avast, Kaspersky Online Scanner, Ad-aware and Spybot S&D 3- Reinstall flash, and Firefox itself 4- Using IE (the same problem happens) 5- Starting the computer in Safe Mode + Networking (problem still happens) 6- Reducing the number of programs that load at startup 7- Uninstalling everything this system doesn't need 8- Running CCleaner, to get rid of unneeded files and unrequired registery entries (...) Unfortunately, nothing fixed the problem. I know an obvious option would be formatting this disk, but I can't do it, due to several reasons. Any more ideas on what I could be missing, that could fix this problem?
  2. I just remembered this one because it happened again a few minutes ago. When someone upgrades for Ad-Aware Pro, the program asks you if you also want to install the e-mail shield. If you say "no", it will install anyway, unless you cancel the windows installer manually. This also happened before, and so it's not a new bug; I seem to recall this happening in the first post-beta version, too...
  3. I'm still having this same problem, and yes, I tried all the solutions here stated, including the reinstallation one...
  4. I'm having this same problem, using XP SP3. I just reinstalled the entire program, and after the initial update this happens yet again... so, it's obviously not a firewall / antivirus issue...
  5. Silly forum, you never warned me about that reply. Anyway, I was using 'Pro', the same key I was given after the 08 Beta. However, by now this problem is fixed, no idea how; probably, one of the updates fixed it.
  6. I've reported this problem back when we were all using the Ad-Aware 2008 beta version, but unfortunately (and after all this time) it isn't fixed *yet*. Unlike what happened with the previous version of this same software (i.e. 2007 one), I can't complete any kind of normal scan. Either if I go for a SMART SCAN or for a FULL SCAN, the scanner is bound to, eventually, stop. It's not the usual "don't worry, it'll eventually end, just wait" thing, I've waited as far as 8 hours (in a 50GB disk, with 15 GB free), and it continues stuck in some file, not moving at all. (I haven't tried doing CUSTOM SCANs, by the way) Last time I checked (as in, I cancelled it 5 minutes ago), it became stuck in a 93,0 KB file, for around 1h45min, until a cancelled it. As far as I've noticed, the file that makes it hang is not always the same, but I would like to know if this information is really relevant, before conducting further testing. Can anyone please help me with this?
  7. I just wanted to report that both my problems are now fixed. However, I haven't got a clue on how they got fixed: yesterday, I simply got home, used Ad-aware, clicked the update button and IT WORKED. So, I did the usual scan and at the end it didn't freeze. FIXED, no idea how, though... -_-
  8. VMWare has been around for ages (I use it to run Linux and other system at the same time I'm running my Native Windows XP), and so is "Download Acelerator Plus", so I don't understand how that could be the problem, since I didn't even changed anything about it. As for SpyNuker, where did we see that before? I don't remember, do you? :|
  9. Hum, yeah. :-\ Any more ideas, LS CalamityJane ? And like I said before, back to the original problem, I can't update yet and the program is unusable, due to the freezing bug when quarantining. Do you think I should try using an older version of Ad-aware, and wait till the next one (or a beta) is released?
  10. Ok, this is what I got: I think everything went fine, and yes, I was logged in as Administrator. I rebooted, and Ad-aware still freezes at the end. Any more ideas? Anyway, back to the original problem, I can't update yet and the program is unusable, due to the freezing bug when quarantining. Do you think I should try using an older version of Ad-aware, and wait till the next one (or a beta) is released?
  11. I finally installed this product, due to it being free and offering real time protection, but I seem to have found a huge glitch: there's now "check for updates" button, at least a visible one. Therefore, does anyone have the slightest clue on how to update my definitions in there?
  12. I had already tried those solutions, as stated before. With "RootkitRevealer", the scan never ends (I've idled, turned I.E. and Messenger off, and made it scan), it seems to freeze while scanning HKLM\System\WPA\Signing-Hash-XKRMQ[something here]. Using the "BlackLight" one, nothing was found. Next, I will try another time the ewido online scanner. Wish me luck!
  13. Sorry for the delay, I wasn't at home these days. Yes, I used that method for the CHKDISK, but I didn't try the rootkit revealer and the other program. Should I try those?