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  1. Thanks so much! It worked. I swear I had tried that, maybe not in the right order, haha!
  2. I tried to do an update for Ad-Aware 2007 when I got an error. I get continual errors pop up every 2-3 minutes telling me to send an error message to lavasoft. I've tried to uninstall the program numerous times with no avail. "Error 1921. Service"Ad-Aware 2007 Service'(aawservice) could not be stopped. Verify that you have sufficient priviledges to stop system devices." I tried going to run -> 'services.msc' and I did fined the Ad-Aware 2007 on the list, but I cannot stop the process. It continual is in 'starting' status and does not change. Please help! This error is driving me nuts!!!!!