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  1. It is somewhat maddening to have to reboot to complete the installation of AWL when I elected to not install AWL in the first place. If I were at work,where I have sacrificial VMs I could test my theory on (I create installation programs for a living), I believe I could prove that the update process - which runs after the main install - is the culprit, as it seems to ignore the features I [i]chose[/i] to install (or not install) and blithely installs them anyway during the update. ========================== Ad-Aware 8.1 Free Edition XP Pro SP3, all updates/hotfixes installed
  2. I have just replaced 2008 with AE and was stunned to discover that the installer doesn't let me choose where to install the program. Most installers offer a 'Browse' button, as did 2008 and all previous flavours, so why not AE? I have a carefully-crafted structure on my hard drives, not the least consideration for which is that the C: drive is for the OS only: all apps go on my D: drive. Please advise how I can remove AE from my C: drive and re-install on D: (and in a folder of MY choosing!)