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  1. well it might have been brought to there attention, but the problem still excists today even though its the 10th of september seriously lavasoft should get this fixed with norton soon, i havent been able to run a scan since the 20th of august, and my computer is getting slower by the day, even deleting my internet history doesnt really work, so im getting a bit worried wether or not ive been spy/mal/ad - ware infected :-/
  2. well now i tried scanning again after dlding the newest launcher (sept.1) but my ad-aware still freezes up so i guess they still havent fixed it, i also have Norton internet Security 2009 btw.
  3. Hey i have a free version of Ad-aware 2008 and everything woked fine untill today, when i brought down the latest update, when i wanted to start the program after the update had been completed. i ended up having an error 1814 (description: Could not login to service, are you running the application as another user, application terminates) Now i was the only user at all using the pc at this point and i can asure you guys i werent running the application as another user. So i opened the original setup i installed 2008 with and asked it to repair the program and it ran untill update manaul was completed then when i tried to start the program again it came with another error, this time it was both 1814 and an error called (Component:TForm error Message: Access violation at address 005CCEE2 in module "Ad-Aware.exe" Read of address 00000294 send this information to lavasoft support team ( and also what you just did to help us track down this error. Ad-awware now terminates. EaccessViolation) Now i wont do any more untill ive recieved your reply but if you wish to know, what im planning to do next is uninstall the program and reinstall it, if i can get to do this for the error 1920. Regards: Rune Haubjerg Lauridsen