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  1. Why is it that all items detected are not removed when "Remove All" is implemented? The cookies set by RightMedia are not detected and have to be detected and removed with an alternative program? Otherwise all is well. Jack
  2. From reading the forum entries concerning AE I too failed to install it several times. I reverted to 2008 edition ,which until 11 March updates ran very well but after this update it failed to run ,giving error 3 system cannot find path, other problems occurred with Internet Explorer. I decided to bite the bullet and try AE again. I used the Ad-Aware uninstall with very poor results so I cleared all references to Lavasoft in the Registry, but on checking through my program files I found entries that refused to delete...namely AAWService among others. I downloaded AE to Desktop and installed it..no joy ..just the loading screen then nothing. I read in the forum that the best uninstaller was something called REVO, so I tried it. Firstly I moved the downloaded AE setup into the Recycle Bin so that Revo wouldn't remove that too and then I used Revo at its highest setting, as suggested in the forum, and it removed all Lavasoft entries except the Folders Lavasoft which I deleted manually. Recovered the AE setup from the Bin and installed again and much to my relief it all worked. I hope this will help other poor mortals struggling with a problem that really shouldn't exist. Hey man you did it I'll close Raziel