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  1. Hi , i have a problem that i hope you can fix, i am using ad aware2008 and updated, i do a scan and it finds `TROGANPWS.LMIR` which i then remove, but when i reboot my pc i can no longer update or scan, it comes up with an error message `1814..` and suggests that the service may not be running because the program might of been installed under another user, but this is not the case. What i have to do is uninstall adaware2008, clean the registry, do a reboot, then install adaware2008 together with an update and i can then do a scan!, after the scan it finds the `TROGANPWS.LMIR` again!. and again i can no longer use the adaware2008. Can you please advise? I am using windows xp home fully updated.
  2. the version i am trying to run is 2009 `ad-awareAE` i have tried switching off difference. Can you please ask all questions in one go!...this asking 2 questions at a time , then waiting 2 days for a reply, then asking another 2 questions is going to take forever!
  3. Hi all, i too have had the same problem that this program will not start. I have tried using revo to uninstall but this did not solve the problem. i do not have the icon on the bottom of the screen (menu bar). I have tried this program on my laptop, and also will not startup. windows XP 32bit/ mcafee/ COME ON YOU GUYS SORT IT OUT. IF YOU CAN NOT SORT IT SOON I WILL HAVE TO GO ELSE WARE AND USE SOME ONE ELSES AD AWARE REMOVER!