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  1. I installed this application recently and noticed more recently that my internet browsing speed was very slow. Strange, because my internet browsing speed was smoking fast the last time I monitored it. I worked backward on my installs and found that when Ad-Aware Web Companion was disabled, my browser speed jumped up by a factor of 100 % (as I said...crippled). I am not sure what is going on with this application and my system, but it has now been uninstalled.....just wanted to let you know.... Chuck
  2. HI I want to thank you for adding new functionality that allowed Lavasoft Ad-Aware to function as a second level of protection. I stopped using Ad-Aware about 8 months ago because it was demanding that I remove other protection programs when it was installed or updated. The demand was in bad form so I removed Ada-Aware. Now that you have corrected that issue, I am back - Thanks. Chuck
  3. I have a question regarding the Ad-Aware Tray Icon. Occasionally the Icon changes from the standard green globe with light colored shield over top into a bright red shield Icon (Ad-Watch related?). What does that change mean? Archer