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  1. Every time I see there is an update I load it. Then I try a scan. It still will not scan. Has not since anniversary edition. It goes for a while (less than a minute) and stops incrementing the file being scanned. CPU time keeps going. Now the aa window at least closes when canceled. The service continues. I have mentioned this here several times but no solution seen.
  2. Nero has the arrogance to change a very large number of the associations of data to their own products. They do not ask permission; they simply make a huge mess.
  3. I have been having the same/similar problem for quite some time. I believe it started with the Anniversary Edition. It does actually scan some files, but it just stops at some point in the first drive. Sometimes it is the same file as the last time, others it is a new file. The service continues after the scan is canceled. I believe I have the current version. I was looking for a newer release when I went through fooling with "get it free" a few times. XP, ZoneAlarm, Spybot resident, Prevx - all current versions.
  4. I have used Ad-Aware for a number of years. I understand and appreciate your need to make money from this (and other) applications. I like the product. That said, I have some problems with the direction you are taking with the product. You can not get to the download of the free version without going through the offer to provide it free if you commit to a concurrent purchase of something else. If you say no to this, you wind up in another place that requires you to make the same decision. Not acceptable. Note that if the user has protective software running, the process of noticing and rejecting the offer is not real clear. Your paid versions add anti-virus. There are no lower price versions for improvements in function for anti-spyware, which is a primary reason one would have Ad-Aware in the first place. I am not interested in upgrading for anti-virus. Lots of vendors are in this market, and I prefer other solutions based on the user feedback available online. You have no obvious process to find out what the current version is that your are downloading. No way to determine if it is newer than what is installed. The file names you post for download need to have the version number embedded. The text leading up to the download needs to have the version number prominently displayed. Please, in your effort to make money, don't ignore the freeware users that have used your software, and established your credibility, over a long period of time.
  5. I told AE to look for updates. It started downloading a file over 14 MB. That seems exceptionally large. Using about it shows I already have the 8.03 version which is the latest version shown in this forum stickies as released. It makes me very suspicious. Is there really a 14 MB update I should be downloading?