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  1. I have the AdAware Anniversary Edition (free version). I have been using AdAware for years now and never had any problems. I recently downloaded the Anniversary Edition and it seems to work okay. I haven't been able to update the DAT files since I downloaded this new version. The main screen comes up and I try to click the update button, but it says there is a connection problem and that I should check my settings. It appears that I need a PROXY, Username, and password. I don't even know what a proxy is or how to go about this setup. I use windows XP and have no problems accessing the internet, but the software seems to think there is a problem. Any help is appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.
  2. I have Windows XP Home edition and I'm running the Free Anniversary Edition and I have tried to update from the start menu, but I get a message that says I can not update and that I need to check my settings. I haven't had to set this up before, and thus I have no idea what it means. Thanks for any help.
  3. It is obvious to me that I need to set up my proxy, that I need a username and a password and then enable it. I don't know what a proxy is, how to get a username or set up a password. I run windows XP on my home computer and have the anniversary edition of ad-aware. I just want to be able to update the dat files which I haven't been able to do since upgrading to this anniversary edition. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Sorry, I realize now that I posted this in the wrong software catagory. I actually have the anniversary edition of ad-aware. I just don't know what a proxy setting is or how I set one up and get a username and password for my home computer that uses Windows XP. Without this proxy setting stuff I apparently cannot update my dat files since I upgraded my free edition recently. Any help would be appreciated.