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  1. Well it appears that the attacks have stopped. After running everything on my XP system and finding a few minor things, that might have been worse than I realize I haven't gotten a pop up about an attack in 24 hours. Thanks again guys for the help.
  2. I don't think that I have it blocked from general view so I will look into that. My XP system is set up on the wireless system. Stupid house only has a phone jack in one bedroom and the kitchen. I will try all of this, thank you.
  3. I use a Linksys router that was originally installed on my desktop and I pick it up wirelessly for my laptop and desktop now. I have not tried to run anything on the desktop, do you think it might be something on there trying to get onto the laptop? I will run everything tonight to make sure it isn't something on there. I have this firewall on both so I would hope that it would pick it up no matter where it can in at, but I will definately try that out, thank you.
  4. I keep getting an attack detected every 5 minutes or so and I am pretty sure the address of is my router. I will post the log below this and I am wondering what I can do to get this to stop. I am only getting these attacks on my laptop with Vista and not my desktop with XP. I have ran both adAware AE full scan, my anti-virus, and spybot S&D and none of them found anything. I appreciate any help anyone can give me. 3:34:59 PM Intruder unblocked 3:29:59 PM Intruder address:, host blocked for 5 minutes Blocked by IDS 3:29:59 PM Detected 49345, 50881, 52417, 53953, 50405, 48869, 47333, 51941, 38609, 48852 port(s) scanning from SCAN 3:22:41 PM Intruder unblocked 3:17:41 PM Intruder address:, host blocked for 5 minutes Blocked by IDS 3:17:41 PM Detected 50925, 52461, 49389, 21754, 23290, 20218, 44751, 47823, 59612, 58076 port(s) scanning from SCAN This log has been repeating with different detected numbers in it over and over again since 1 AM my time. Thanks again