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  1. I am having the same problem. I tried it with ccleaner - same problem
  2. Hi, I have been using the 2008 edition successfully and it did a good job. I tried to upgrade to the AE (anniversary edition). Here are the steps: 1. Downloaded the AE edition. 2. It started and completed the installation. Asked to restart. Clicked "OK." 3. It popped an "update screen," where it downloaded the latest update, installed it and before restarting gave an error message, something along the lines of "can't start the program since the shutdown process has been initiated." 4. Restarted the computer with no error messages 5. When I double-click on the AE icon, it pops the banner for "Anniversary Edition" for 15 seconds or so. 6. The banner goes away and nothing happens - the program is not running. The process is not running. I tried uninstalling it, cleaning the registry manually, cleaning temp files with Ccleaner, then reinstalling - same issue. I tried disabling every security software while installing - same problem, no help. Here is the environment: OS: Windows XP Professional. SP 2. Enough free RAM and HDD space. Can somebody (tech support) advise? I am getting a bit frustrated with this software. Why break something that was working really well. Did the QA test the upgrade path from the previous version to AE? Thanks!